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  1. Þróndeimr's Photolab

    I enjoy going places, both locally and beyond. I use much time travelling into the mountains of Norway, so this thread will be full of mountain-hikes both winter and summer (photos from Mt. Everest Basecamp and Himalaya, underground caves and mines around Norway). But since i also love...
  2. Norway - One photo per day

    General Photography
    Ålesund (Møre og Romsdal) Ålesund is a mid-sized city in the north-western part of Norway with a population of aprox. 40 000. It is also an important jugend city, due to its beatiful jugend architecture. A large part of the city center was rebuild in jugend style after the great city fire in...
  3. Oslo Rådhus | Oslo, Norway

    Industrial Ages
  4. Dovregubbens Hall & Jotunheimen, Its downtown Norway!

    >> Its downtown Norway! Another thread from the heart of Norway, with loads of photos i took Monday, October 8th from Dovre and Jotunheimen, the largest mountain regions we have in Norway. I only had one day to do this, so don't think i was really concentrated on taking the best possible pics...
  5. 409km through Norwegian & Swedish air

    409km through Norwegian & Swedish air Yeah i know, the title doesn't make any sence! Took a drive around the region today, actually, i drove 409km, mostly in Norway, but i also took a short visit 1km across the Norwegian-Swedish border. Pictures from some more urban areas around Trondheim, but...
  6. Norway | Projects and Construction

    ____________________ >> KHIB - Kunsthøgskolen i Bergen (National Academy of Arts in Bergen) Location: County|Hordaland > City|Bergen Designed by Snøhetta, the 17.500 m2 large National Academy of Arts in Bergen was approved in 2006. Construction should start in late 2007, with completion in...
  7. All new Norwegian highrises

  8. [N] Norway | road infrastructure • Veier i Norge

    Highways & Autobahns
    Highways in Norway Norway is big, its bigger than Denmark, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands etc but does it have highways? Norway might have about 200km with highways all tougether. A travel from Oslo to Bergen in bus is taking over 8 hours. This is about 550km distance. 15min or so is on...
  9. The world longest tunnel, glaciers, Norwegian fjords and mountains!

    The worlds longest tunnel, glaciers, Norwegian fjords and mountains! The worlds longest tunnel, glaciers, Norwegian fjords and mountains! Its not many days ago i was on a 2 day long vacation to Molde and visited some nice mountains and fjords in Geiranger and Åndalsnes (you can view this...
  10. Molde, tall mountains and Norwegian fjords

    Molde, tall mountains and Norwegian fjords I went on a 2 day vacation alone on Friday to Saturday, travalled to the city of Molde, and later to the mountains and fjords. Visited Trollstigen (the troll road) and Ørneveien (the eagles road) on my way to Geirangerfjorden (maybe the most famous...
  11. Noruega | Norway

    Além-Fronteiras / Around The World
    A Noruega é um país nórdico da Europa setentrional que ocupa a parte ocidental da Península Escandinava, a ilha de Jan Mayen e o arquipélago ártico de Esvalbarda, através do Tratado de Esvalbarda. A parte continental do país divide fronteira a leste com a Suécia e ao norte com a Finlândia e a...
  12. NORWAY | Railways

    Passengertrain at Rauma Railway Åndalsnes-Dombås in norway fore more information links best regards leif johnny olestad :) :) :) :) :) :)
  13. ✈ | Scandinavian and North Atlantic Carriers | SK*/AY°/DY/FI/WW/GL/RC/WF

    Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) --------------------------- Founded in 1946 as a consortium of the national airlines of Denmark, Sweden and Norway. HQ: Arlanda (Stockholm, Sweden). Main Hub: CPH (One of the most important airports in Europe, situated in Copenhagen, Denmark) Member and co-founder of...
  14. Nidarosdomen | Trondheim, Norway

    Middle Ages
    A wooden chapel was made on this site around 1035, on the sepulcher of Olav the holy. A cathedral was built in 1090. The cathedral was extended in 1180, 1220, 1240 and 1300. Huge fires occured in 1328, 1432 and possibly 1451. In 1531, all of Trondheim burned down, and the cathedral was not...
  15. INFRASTRUKTUR | Norske veier | Roads and Highways

    Roads and Highways of Norway Construction updates and development projects of the Norwegian network of roads and highways.
  16. BERGEN | Byutvikling og byggeprosjekter | Development thread

    Norway Location and information on all listed projects in Bergen. Selected projects A selection of Bergen's ongoing projects. To view the complete overview of all projects, go to Urbika. Grand Hotel Terminus Kunsthøgskolen i Bergen Odontologibygget Illustration by MIR...
  17. Posthuset l OSLO l 111m l 26fl

    Europe and Africa
    Posthuset Oslo, Norway HEIGHT: 111m FLOORS: 26 floors COMPLETION: 1975 ARCHITECT: ? USE: Office STREET: Biskop Gunnerus Gate 14 Originally 84m tall with 19 floors. Was reconstructed to its current design and height in 2003.

    her ser du på unfinished work, 04.05.2012 10 høyeste Foreslåtte høyhus 124m Oslo 360 Hotel 110m Krystallklar 105m Trondheim Tower 90m Havneparken 90m Tullinkvartalet 83m Buchardt Hotel 70m Birkeland Høyhus 70m Silobygget 70m Sluppen 66m Vålerenga park of culture and sports Godkjente...
  19. TRONDHEIM | Byutvikling og byggeprosjekter

    Dette er en diskusjonstråd for alle bygge og utviklingsprosjekter i Trondheim & Omegn som ikke har fått egen tråd. Vi har også lagt inn mange prosjekter igjennom siden Urbika (lenke nedenfor), hvor vi prøver å gjøre både store og små prosjekter enklere å finne gjennom prosjekt-lister og kart...
  20. Radisson SAS Plaza Hotel l OSLO l 117m l 37fl

    Europe and Africa
    Radisson SAS Plaza Hotel Oslo, Norway HEIGHT: 117m FLOORS: 37 floors COMPLETION: 1990 ARCHITECT: White Arkitekter AB USE: Hotel STREET: Sonja Henies plass 3 General Information: Street: Sonja Henies plass 3 Hight: 117m 384 ft Floors: 37 Construction Finish: 1990 Function: Hotel Rooms: 673...