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  1. 70 Gracechurch Street | City of London | 33fl | Pre-planning

    London Metro Area
    Can't find any planning applications however, reports in the media suggest that an application is forthcoming.
  2. AUSTIN | Indeed Tower | 165m | 542ft | 36 fl | U/C

    Getting to Know Block 71, Downtown’s Most Fascinating Mixed-Use Plan @DanKeshet on Twitter
  3. NEW YORK | JPMorgan Chase World Headquarters | 434m | 1425ft | 57 fl | Demo

    Proposed Supertalls
    I just saw this while reading the morning news: JPMorgan Plans New Manhattan Headquarters for 15,000 Workers. Source: Bloomberg. The new building could be as much as 500 feet taller than the current building 270 Park Ave, which is 707 feet (215m). That would yield a 1200 footer! Excerpt...
  4. CHICAGO | BMO Tower | 222m | 727ft | 50 fl | U/C

  5. [Tehran] Offices and Corporate Complexes

  6. #The Towers (Redevelopment) - 12/14/20F - Commercial - CBD | Complete

    EDIT: Added render. Standard Bank Centre Redevelopment Project Value: R498 million Projected Start Date: 2013 Before: After:
  7. #Dullah Omar Building (Department of Justice) - 13F - Commercial - CBD | Complete

    A new use for the unfinished building that was originally going to be a Hotel Missoni. Construction is under way. I'm trying to get a hold of renders of the finished product or something...
  8. #No 1 Silo & No 2 Silo - 7F - Mixed Use - V&A Waterfront | Complete

    Mod edit: updated information and renders. Name: No 1 Silo Location: Clocktower Precinct, V&A Waterfront Floors: 7 Use: Mixed Use (Head Office for Alan Gray) Architects: VDMMA, Rick Brown & Associates Source: VDMMA
  9. Union Square Student Accommodation (former Minimix Concrete site) | Newcastle | 24m | 8 Fl | Completed

    Completed Projects
    Tyneside Minimix Development Height: 24m estimated Floors: 8 Architect: Ainsworth Spark Associates Developer: Adderstone Group Development Details: - 8 storey building - 4 office units - 31 residential units (totalling 160 beds) - Car parking (14 spaces) - Cycle storage and bin storage...
  10. #Manciano Corporate Offices - 4F - Commercial - Stellenbosch | Complete

    Manciano Corporate Offices Stellenbosch Estimated occupancy date: August 2010 The triple A-grade office block is to be erected in an area referred to as Bosman's Crossing. The site is situated at the lower end of the infamous Dorp Street, Stellenbosch. Accessibility is great, taking travellers...
  11. amsterdam

    Urban Showcase
    Hello there. My first post here. I'll be updating this thread from now one with images from the great city of Amsterdam. Stay in tune for all the latest projects from this metropolis. Zuid-As (South-Axis). [email protected] The Rock Vinoly building
  12. Out of Town Business Parks, Industrial Estates, and Trading Estates in Newcastle and the North East - Developments

    Newcastle Metro Area
    Like them or loathe them, Tyneside depends more upon business park accomodation than any other city in the UK. So this thread can be used to discuss developments, news and opinions relating to the various office parks, industrial estates and trading estates that serve our conurbation. I'll...
  13. My newest Tower, (under construction)

    3D Designs
    My newest Tower, (Almost finished) RENDER OF THE LATEST UPDATE IN LAST POST!!! Here's the tower I'm building now with SketchUp. Height: 115 Meters Floors: 27. Total of square meters: 48260,813 m2 Caracteristics: The three first floors can serve as a Shopping center, these three floors have...
  14. #Roggebaai Place - 14F - Mixed Use - CBD | Complete

    Mod edit: updated renders. ---------- Price: R 140 per m² Address: Jetty St, Foreshore Cape Town Availability: 01 March 2010 Description Brand new building, opposite post office. Stone throw from Convention Tower and located just off Eastern Bouldevard for easy access. Great access to...
  15. Snowhill 2 | Snow Hill Queensway | Offices | 15fl | 75m | Comp.

    Completed Projects
    for consistancy
  16. LEICESTER | Business Quarter

    Leicester and Leicestershire
    Colton Square is the first major development of purpose-built offices in Leicester for many years and forms phase 1 of Leicester Regeneration Company's Business Quarter. The 'Business Quarter' will be situated around the railway station, a large part of which will be phase 2, hopefully to start...
  17. Masshouse

    Completed Projects
    Seeing as this thread got deleted as well I'll start a new one. I took some pics today from the area but it would make sense to post up some of my older construction pics so that they appear in order. Here's the rendering on the hoardings while I sort out some photo's :uh:
  18. SIEGEN | Projekte & Meldungen - Projects & News

    Die Sparkasse Siegen hat mal wieder zu viel Geld und möchte den halben Bahnhofvorplatz in einen Glasbau umwandeln. Hier soll dann ein Teil der knapp 800 Mitarbeiter der Sparkasse beschäftigt sein; hauptsächlich sollen aber einige Geschäfte und Restaurants entstehen, sodass die ganze Sache nicht...