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  1. [GQ] Equatorial Guinea Roads & Highways • Carreteras de Guinea Ecuatorial

    Highways & Autobahns
    There are 2,880 km of highways in Equatorial Guinea, the majority of which were not paved in 2002. Equatorial Guinea's roads and highways are underdeveloped, but improving. During the rainy season, roads are frequently impassable without four-wheel drive vehicles. There is a ferry between...
  2. Angola: New Legislation Forces Oil Companies to use Local Banks

    Africa: Business, Economy and Infrastructure
    New Oil and Banking Legislation allAfrica
  3. Uganda Oil Thread

    I hope there is no thread on this..Oil has indeed been discovered in Uganda and we are talking of about 2 Billion Barrels....Do we see this beeing a curse..Will Museveni , a product of the bush end up buying guns and tanks? Interesting observations are:- Museveni has refused totell the public...