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  1. Старе слике и разгледнице
  2. Texas
    Old Texas Vintage photos of a Texas that once was. Alpine TX diner 1939
  3. Photo Corner
    Pozele le iau de pe un thread de pe forumul Tempo Poli, dar oricine vrea sa contribuie, e bine venit :) Pischia (Hidasliget in maghiara, Bruckenau in germana) Sacalaz (Sackelhause) Chirvai (Kirchweih) in Ghizela (Giseladorf in germana, Gizellafalva in maghiara) Birda
  4. European Classic Architecture and Landscapes
    *EDIT: I AM SORRY, IMAGESHACK DELETED ALL MY IMAGES FOR UNKOWN REASON * Hello, first i don't own any of the pictures. The copyright has and Microsoft! Which materials were used? "A newly discovered collection of more than 3,000 aerial photographs of Germany before and during...
  5. Photo Corner
    M-am gândit că ar fi interesant să avem un thread cu Timişoara în imagini vechi, comparată cu Timişoara de acum. Imagini vechi se găsesc destul de multe pe internet, iar de acum, nu ne opreşte nimeni să facem. Deşi threadul se numeşte Timişoara - Now & Then, pozele eu zic să le postăm logic, în...
  6. Хабаровск
    Вид на Амур с окна гостиницы "Интурист", 1985 г. Центральный городской пляж, 1985 г. Вид на пляж и Утёс. На постаменте - Ладья; она сменила Ленина, а вскоре её сменит Муравьёв-Амурский. 1985 г. Рыбаки на набережной стадиона им. Ленина, 1985 г. Ещё один вид на Амур. На рейде - корабли...
  7. Newcastle Metro Area
    CALLERS FURNITURE STORE on Northumberland Street was destroyed in a huge fire on 30th November 1969, but was re-built on the exact same spot and re-opened in 1971 . . . For those of you who do not know about this famous Newcastle store, the name of the shop was pronounced ‘CAllers’ and not...
  8. San Francisco Bay Area
    The Great Quake: 1906-2006 Days before the disaster San Francisco, the 'Paris of America,' was booming with industry and culture — a Gold Rush city built in an instant. It was also a calamity waiting to happen. This is the first of a 10-part retelling of the 1906 San Francisco earthquake — and...
  9. Deutschland
    Keine Angst, ich bin kein Revisionist. Berlin Dresden Leipzig Breslau Stettin München Freiburg Karlsruhe Magdeburg Halle Danzig Bremen Frankfurt am Main...
1-9 of 10 Results