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old towns

  1. European Classic Architecture and Landscapes
    Post photos from the "old town" or oldest area of your European city or town. Looking forward to some great posts! Remember to source :)
  2. European Classic Architecture and Landscapes
    No other conflict has caused a higher loss and destruction of historical cities (around the World) than WWII. The list of cities is long, but in order to make this thread organized I think we should only focus on cities destroyed during WWII (1939-1945) which in 1939 had more than 100 000...
  3. Classic Architecture
    Post pictures of old towns or old quarters of cities throughout the world... Para las fotos de centros históricos de ciudades alrededor del mundo... Enjoy - Disfruten :)
  4. Zabytki
    Bardzo ciekawy region. Warto pojechać. Zaczynamy od starego XVI -wiecznego dworu w Widuchowej. Trudno trafić, ale jak już traficie, facet w gumowcach będzie wam chcial sprzedać ten zabytek. Ciekawostka, w latach międzywojennych zbierała się tu emigracyjna elita Gruzinów z Rosji carskiej Spod...