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  1. TOKYO - 2020 Summer Olympic Games | Games of the XXXII Olympiad

    Stadiums and Sport Arenas
    TOKYO 2020 The masterplan ------------------------------------------------------------------- It's official. The 2020 Summer Olympics will be staged in Tokyo, Japan. May the discussion about progress begin.
  2. XXIV Olympic Winter Games (2022) | Almaty bid

    Almaty City and Metro area
    Казахстан начал готовить заявку на проведение зимней Олимпиады-2022 в Алматы Казахстанский национальный Олимпийский комитет начал работу над заявкой для участия Алматы в конкурсе на проведение зимних Олимпийских игр 2022 года. Об этом корреспонденту рассказал вице-президент...
  3. The Olympic Games

    Le logo officiel du Jeux Olympique du Sochi 2014 February 7 - 23, 2014
  4. Djibouti Sports Thread

    Djibouti / Jabuuti
    Our team to the Olympics, post all relevant pics and discussions here
  5. The 2012 Olympic Sports Thread: Discussion & Results (Spoilers)

    Speakers' Corner
    Well, it all starts today, the architecture threads have been fun, but now is the time we should probably start a dedicated thread for the Olympic Games sports discussion and results, makes sense to have it in the 2012 sub-forum. Huge buzz of excitement as I pack my bag in preparation for...
  6. Your Personal Photo Thread of the 2012 London Olympics & Paralympics

    Speakers' Corner
    For photographs YOU have taken during the games period. They can be of anything. The venues, the sport or images documenting the atmosphere. They don't even have to be taken in London, is your local town centre dressed up for the games or are you going to an Olympic themed party? Also feel free...
  7. The Pre-London 2012 Olympic News Thread

    Speakers' Corner
    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Pre-London 2012 Olympic News Thread (June 22nd to 27 July) London 2012 Olympics: Syrian head of Olympics Committee General Mowaffak Joumaa refused visa to attend Games General Mowaffak...
  8. 2012 London Olympic Games

    Cityscapes / 城市风光
    Time to create a 2012 Olympic Games thread to track Olympic news, Chinese athlete preparation and game performance.
  9. Glasgow | 2018 Youth Olympics Bid

    Glasgow Metro Area
    Glasgow has been selected as the British candidate to host the 2018 Youth Olympics. (I wonder if anyone at the top has discussed the elephant in the room, the fact that Glasgow may not be British in 2018)...
  10. TOKYO - National Olympic Stadium (68,000) - 2020 Olympics

    This is Tokyo's new National Olympic Stadium at Kasumigaoka in the Shinjuku district. It is built to a design by Zaha Hadid.
  11. Azerbaijan at London 2012 | Azərbaycan London 2012-də

    Sport, Culture and Events
    With little more than a year left until 2012 Olympic games in London, I think it is time to open a special thread dedicated to Azerbaijan's Olympic aspirations. All Olympics related news will be posted here. I will also keep an updated list of Olympic licenses. Azerbaijan at the 2012 Olympic...
  12. London 2012 | Team GB

    Speakers' Corner
    There is now only 15 months to go until the Opening Ceremony, which means we are now starting to see events and championships to help qualify, or qualify, for the 2012 Games. The success (for us) of the games will not only be measured on the Venues, Atmosphere, Security etc..., but mainly on...
  13. London 2012 | Olympic Stadium Wrap

    Speakers' Corner
    The Olympic Stadium will be the most iconic image of the 2012 games. Billions of viewers will see the stadium on TV everyday during the Olympics and 8 million ticket holders will see the stadium up close in person. However, due to the current economic climate and over spending on other Olympic...
  14. Newcastle - The 2012 Olympics in Newcastle and the North East

    Newcastle Metro Area
    . St James' Park to host 2012 Olympics football ties October 16th 2010, by Andy Hughes, The Journal NEWCASTLE United’s home ground St James’ Park will host six Olympic football matches during the 2012 games, it emerged last night. The 52,000 capacity stadium has been chosen as one of only...
  15. Manhattan Loft Gardens | Stratford | 143m | 42 fl

    Completed projects
    SOM submits Stratford skyscraper for planning 9 September, 2010 | By Merlin Fulcher SOM has submitted a planning application to the Olympic Development Authority for this 42-storey, mixed-use development by Stratford Station, near the Olympic Park in east London. The scheme features a...
  16. London 2012 Olympic Games

    Beyond Australia & New Zealand
    the inside build moving fast.......
  17. Emirate Air Line | Thames Cable Car

    London Transport Forum
    Transport For London have announced plans for a proposed £25m cable car to transport visitors to the 2012 Olympics. The route will run from East Parkside on the Greenwich Peninsula to Tidal Basin Road in the Royal Docks, connecting the O2 Arena and the Excel Centre, two of London's leading...
  18. London 2012 | Olympic Torch Relay

    Speakers' Corner
    London 2012 Olympics: Lord Coe launches UK-only relay route for the Olympic torch The new Olympics and Sports Minister Hugh Robertson has promised that politicians won't dominate the spots available in the 70-day Olympic torch relay around Britain and urged protest groups to stay away...
  19. London 2012 | Music

    Speakers' Corner
    Song for 2012 plus other music ideas So what do people think? I myself would say a safe bet would be something classical, trying to be too modern and youthful may backfire and come across as patronising. We have some great...
  20. LONDRES | JJOO 2012

    Resto del mundo
    videos de una gran calidad sobre Londres