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  1. Oran
    Land surface 9.000 m2 Built surface 9.825 m2 Covered parking 120 Outdoor parking 41
  2. وهران , Oran , Algeria .jpg

    وهران , Oran , Algeria
  3. صورة نادرة لوهران سنة 1920.jpg

    صورة نادرة لوهران سنة 1920
  4. Oran وهران Algeria .jpg

    Oran, وهران ,Algeria
  5. Oran Algeria وهران .jpg

  6. Oran
    Dépôt de la candidature d’Oran pour les JM 2021 Source:
  7. Urban Transport
    Étant donné le grand nombre projets de tramways en Algérie, j'ouvre un thread dédié. Index : ALGIERS | Tramway | 23 km | Completed ANNABA | Tramway | 21,7 km | Approved BATNA | Tramway | 15 km | Project BECHAR | Tramway | Project BEJAIA | Tramway | Approved BISKRA | Tramway | Project...
  8. Africa: Photo Galleries
    A Rate our Talls thread was opened and was successful (thank Dennis, he actually started the thread, not me.) I want to open a Rate our Skylines thread to see how it goes. Post pictures of skylines of any African city over 150,000. Make sure there are at least 10 -15 posts between each skyline...
  9. Além-Fronteiras / Around The World
    A Argélia é um país da África do Norte que faz parte do Magrebe. Sua capital é Argel, no norte do país, sendo a cidade mais populosa na costa do Mediterrâneo. Com uma superfície de 2 381 741 km², é o maior país da bacia do Mediterrâneo e o mais extenso de todo continente africano, após a divisão...
  10. Photography
1-15 of 15 Results