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  1. [USA] (i trochę Kanady) Czyli Lulkowe wielkie amerykańskie wakacje

    Spis Treści: Sezon 1 - Kwiecień 2014 czyli USA po raz pierwszy Rozdział I - New York City: New York City NYC - Times Square NYC - Brooklyn cz.1 ______ NYC - Brooklyn dzień 2 NYC - Empire State Building NYC - MoMA (Museum of Modern Art) NYC - Central Park NYC - Guggenheim Museum ______ NYC...
  2. New Tallest Building In Eastern Oregon ?

    West Coast and Interior West
    The Baker (City) Tower in Baker City, Oregon since its construction in 1929 has been heralded as the tallest building east of the Cascades Mountains crest in Oregon at 144 feet. Perhaps a few grain elevators are in the same height league around the region, but as a habitat storeyed structure...
  3. The Rose City: Portland

    Urban Showcase
    After spending four days exploring Seattle earlier this spring (photo thread here), I hopped on Amtrak at Seattle’s King Street station and headed south to Portland. Despite the thread title, I didn't get any photos of roses. While I’d previously spent a very brief day & a half in Seattle in...
  4. portland?

    About the forums
    does portland feel like a big city or have a hustle and bustle to it?
  5. Portland (and surrounding areas)

    Urban Showcase
    I moved to Portland this past April and love this freaking city to death already. Hope you enjoy my photos! I'll update it regularly over time but for now we'll just keep the thread short and sweet. View from my apartment: SCROLL >>> South Waterfront can be seen past the freeway along with...
  6. [USA i Kanada] Czyli wild, wild west!

    W zeszlym roku odbylem trzytygodniowa podroz po zachodnich stanach USA. Ostatnio odkrylem ze moge zamieszczac na tym forum fotki z Picassy tak wiec wykorzystujac ta mozliwosc zapraszam na relacje z wyprawy. Na poczatek trasa. Z wyliczen wynikalo ze powinienem zrobic ponad 3000 mil. Po oddaniu...
  7. Oregon Development News

    West Coast and Interior West Development News
    Welcome to the "Oregon Development Thread" This thread is to cater to all the development news in Oregon that does not have a place on Skyscrapercity, which is a huge portion of the state. The Portland thread does not showcase all the development news in this northwestern state. Stick around...
  8. Portland, one of the most beautiful cities in the Northwest

    The Urban Tourist
    PORTLAND/OREGON All pictures by Portland Ground: Pictures of Portland Oregon.
  9. State of the Week: Oregon

    United States Urban Issues
    Discuss the state of Oregon.
  10. Portland, June 2007

    West Coast and Interior West
    Here is the first series of pics from my recent visit to downtown Portland, OR - don't know if I've captured it here but IMO it is a really an awesome urban place - especially downtown. Salmon Street Springs Boardwalk along Willamette River New condo towers along south riverfront...
  11. Portland, Oregon - Fotos minhas

    Mundo Afora
    Fala aih pessoal!! As fotos do começo são todas minhas!! Tiradas no final de 2005 e inicio de 2006! Portland-OR é uma das poucas grandes cidades americanas que apresentam crescimento acima da média nacional. Ela concentra grandes empresas como a Nike Inc. e a Intel Corp. É a segunda metropole...
  12. BLI/EUG/GEG/MFR/PDX/SEA | US Pacific Northwest Area Airports

    Midwest will add flight from KC to Seattle Midwest Airlines will add its first round-trip flight from Kansas City International Airport to Seattle/Tacoma International Airport starting April 1. The flight is scheduled to leave KCI at 9:45 a.m. daily and arrive in Seattle at 11:20 a.m. The...
  13. Oregon & Washington - Estados Unidos da América

    Além-Fronteiras / Around The World
    Washington é um dos 50 estados dos Estados Unidos, localizado na região dos chamados estados do Pacífico. O estado foi nomeado em homenagem ao líder das forças americanas da Revolução Americana de 1776 e primeiro Presidente dos Estados Unidos, George Washington. Os nomes de muitas cidades e...
  14. USA - Stadium and Arena Development News

    Stadiums and Sport Arenas
    This shrine to the baseball Gods will be completed by the 2006 season. Best of all PRIVATELY FUNDED!!!:colgate: I feel sorry for those suckers with higher taxes now:guns1: Here's a link...