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  1. Além Fronteiras
    Olá pessoal! Cá vai mais um thread para reportar uma das minhas últimas trips (Set 2016). Desta vez à descoberta do Norte Europeu. Ao total foram 5 cidades: Oslo, Estocolmo, Malmö, Copenhaga e Hamburgo. :cheers: Mapa do tour
  2. Infrastruktur
    In a Norwegian newspaper, it's said that Oslo are considering renting 16 trams from Germany. In regards of that I wonder if any of you might know which trams they are talking about? Unfortunately they don't mention from which city. Article in Norwegian Article translated to German Article...
  3. City/Metro Compilations
    Oslo is the capital of Norway. This will be a tread dedicated to projects going on in Oslo and the surrounding region.
  4. Oslo
    Vollebekk Developer: Aspelinn Ramm Architect: A-lab Location: Vollebekk, Oslo All illustrations by A-lab.
  5. Zagranica
    Witam! :) Ostatnimi czasy nazbierało mi się trochę zdjęć z różnych, krótszych bądź dłuższych, wojaży po Europie więc postanowiłem założyć wątek ogólny coby nie rozdrabniać się na kilka małych wątków. Na otwarcie pokażę najświeższe zdjęcia z krótkiego, 3 dniowego wypadu do Oslo, a w późniejszym...
  6. Nossas Propostas | Infraestrutura e Arquitetura
    Por esses tempos fiquei inspirado vendo fotos de Reykjavik, Malmö, Oslo, Estocolmo e compania (não que eu pense que tenha ficado à esse nivel) , resolvi hoje tirar a poeira do sketchup e modelar uns prédios, quem sabe algo parecido com uma cidade. Foi isso que eu fiz, não sei se vou continuar...
  7. Oslo
    Etter 70 år skal de Olympiske Vinterlekene tilbake til Oslo i 2022! [I]En side for å promotere en potensiell Oslo søknad for de 24. Olympic Vinterleker i 2022. Anlegg: Holmenkollen, Tryvann/ Oslo Vinterpark, Norefjell, Lillehammer, Kvitfjell, Hunderfossen Bobsleighbane, Jordal Amfi...
  8. Photos
  9. Oslo
    Post your proposal and ideas on how Oslo should be developed here. :)
  10. Urban Showcase
    I thought I would share some the pictures I've taken of the city. Some recent, some less so. First lets start with a bunch from last winter. 1 2 Havnelageret. It was the largest building in the Nordics and the largest concrete building in Europe upon completion in 1921. 3 4 5 6
  11. Oslo
    Økern (Lørenbyen + Haslelinje) The Økern area is poised to be the next major development area in the Oslo region. An estimated 10.000 persons will live in Økern within the next 12 years. Large investments in tunnels and infrastructure combined with accessability (regional node), political...
  12. Oslo
    Ensjøbyen Ensjøbyen is a large masterplan project just east of downtown Oslo. Over the next 15 years this district will be transformed from its industrial look with car dealers to a thriving, green and urban city district with offices, shops and 5000-7000 apartments. Description in Norwegian...
  13. Oslo
  14. General Urban Developments
  15. Cityscapes and Skyline Photos
    This was during my stay in Oslo between 2006 & 07. My first ever stay outside India was in this posh little city of Oslo. It is a different world out there. I come from the city of Mumbai. In comparison everything in Oslo was like a mini toys. Buildings, clubs, metro. But the major difference...
  16. Industrial Ages
    Victoria Terrasse in Oslo was built as an apartment complex inspired by the luxurious ones you could find in continental Europe. It's 180 meters long building consisting of three main wings and 120 apartments. Built between 1884 and 1890. Architects: Henrik Thrap-Meyer (Bergen, 1833), Paul Due...
  17. Photos
    As the Oslo meet is concluded it's time to show you who wasn't there how it all went down. All participants are welcome to submit photos. I'll just start off with some teasers: City view from Ekebergrestauranten BBQ at Sinsen Panorama, big thanks to Ingenioren:cheers:
  18. Oslo
    Had a quick look at Carl Berner T-bane to see the new layout on signs being tested by #Ruter: T-bane entrance: Hat off for local guide tough, a lot of information on this: New T-bane map: Zone maps, omg - why haven't they been there before ? :nuts: Exit sign: New line-specific map...
  19. Cityscapes and Skyline Photos
    Only Oslo, Norway Oslo, the capital of Norway, is the largest city of Norway but is of course, in the global scale of things, almost a village. However, this pleasant "little big city" still has a soul of its own and a vibrance when you know where to go. It takes a...
  20. Urban Showcase
    Just finished the rendering and processing of a 360 degree 7.5 gigapixel panorama from the capital of Norway, Oslo. Location: Please feel free to comment on the flash viewer, and how it works for you and with your current connection speed. This is...