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  1. NORWAY | Projects & Construction

    City/Metro Compilations
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  2. PROJECT | Regjeringsbygg 6 (R6) | 45m | 12fl | Completed

    Regjeringsbygg 6 (R6) The government block is getting a new addition with 440 office workspaces, it allows the ministry of environment to move to the same location as most other ministries. Total size of project is 21.500 squaremeters - will cost 900 million NOK, and completion is stipulated...
  3. FJORDCITY | Lund Hagem-kvartalet | 66m | 20fl | Completed

    OperaKvarteret Felt B13 Felt B13 is a part of the OperaKvarteret highrise clauster The easternmost part of OperaKvarteret is Block B13 designed by Lund Hagem Architects and a-lab. B13 is bordered by Rostock Street, Trelast Street, Dronning Eufemia Street and Nordenga Bridge. This phase will...
  4. Oslo photos by dexter26

    Some photos of the messiest Scandinavian capital. Let me warn you straight away that I've never had a very good cam so the quality won't always be the best. Adjust your expectations accordingly - my photos are not high class, and I'm not afraid to admit it :) Just some stuff I put togheter...
  5. Skyline i forandring 10/9-09

    Oslo forandrer seg ikke bare på bakkeplan, også i luften endrer byen seg på tross av bystyrets motvilje mot høyhus, her er noen av høydepunktene: Holmenkollen Holmenkollen fyr vil ikke dominere mye mer enn den gamle gjorde, selv om den er noe høyere og lengre, montering av stålelementer er godt...
  6. PROJECT | Tullinkvartalet

    Tullinkvartalet MAD Arkitekter, in collaboration with developer Entra, have developed a project for the relocation of the University of Oslo’s Faculty of Law. The project site and the historical university buildings are on opposite sides of the urban square, Tullinløkka, and a historical...
  7. My favourite Oslo streets

    I'm not putting lot of effort into my photos, and my compact camera is 99% of the time on auto. So if the quality isn't always the best, I still hope you will enjoy these photos from some of the streets I love the most in Oslo. :) Today I will start with parts of Skovveien/Camilla Collets vei...
  8. OSLO | Tjuvholmen Development

    General Urban Developments
    - Island of Thieves Click logo for Official website Presenting Tjuvholmen. A project masterminded by one of Norway's most respected architects, Niels Torp. In 2002 he conceived of this plan to turn an old industrial pier, adjacent to Aker Brygge, into a landscape of islands, canals and the...
  9. PROJECT | Radisson Blu Plaza (extension) | 127m + 53m | 41fl + 16fl | Pro

    Proposed Radisson BLU Plaza Extension Sentrum - Oslo Alternative 1 - 50meters/42meters. Alternative 2 - 50meters/42meters. Regulationcase: Older proposals:
  10. MASTERPLAN | Vulkan

    Under Construction Vulkan Grünerløkka - Oslo Vulkan is an old industrial area at Grünerløkka in central Oslo. Lpo won a masterplan competition in 2004 and the development follows a string of old industrial areas being renovated all the way along Akerselva river trough Oslo. The goal is to have...
  11. Photogallery of Oslo

    Hello, I am a hobbyphotograph and i take a lots of pictures in Oslo. I like to share them with other on internet, so if you want a "roundtrip" in Oslo you are welcome to my Photogallery :-) This is photos from Oslo and Akershus: And here you...
  12. OSLO | Krystallklar (Crystal Clear) | 116m | 29 fl | Pro

    Proposed Highrises
    Krystallklar (Crystal Clear) Oslo - Norway Danish C. F. Møller Architects, in collaboration with Norwegian Kristin Jarmund Architects, has won a major competition to design a spectacular new landmark project in the city of Oslo, for the client KLP AS, one of Norway's largest property...
  13. Tryvann Tower l OSLO l 118m l 8fl

    TV and OB-Towers
    Tryvann Tower Oslo, Norway HEIGHT: 118m FLOORS: 8 floors COMPLETION: 1962 ARCHITECT: ? The tv-tower was finised in 1962. It closed to public in 1995, due to fire safety rules, it had an observationlevel at 60 meters, it's location on top of the 529 meter high mountain made the view fabulous...
  14. OSLO | OperaKvarteret

    General Urban Developments
    OperaKvarteret Bjørvika, Oslo - Norway OperaKvarteret is a phase of Oslo Fjordcity development (similar to Hamburg's Hafencity). The project involves a cluster of 12 buildings with offices, housing and retail. Dark Arkitekter AS won the competition for the plan in 2003 with their design known...
  15. Aerials of N&B cities

    I would like to open a similar thread to "Skylines of largest N&B cities" - but this one for aerial pictures. With aerial picture I mean picture which is taken from high up above and in the picture you can see large part or even whole city (please don't post pics taken from towers or other...
  16. Akershus Slott | Oslo, Norway

    Imperial Eras
    Akershus Slott (Akershus Castle) Oslo - Norway Akershus Slott (English: Akershus Castle) was completed in 1299, but have much have been added to the castle after battles and wars, especially between 1593-1646. The fortress has successfully survived many sieges, primarily by Swedish forces...
  17. Operahouse | Oslo, Norway

    Modern Times
    The new Operahouse in Oslo by norwegian architects Snøhetta. The building won the first prize at this years World Architecture Awards in the categorie "Culture". by RennyBA from by montel2007 from by ausfi from by marjelchen from by...
  18. Skylines of largest Nordic&Baltic cities

    Everyone is welcome to post pictures of skylines (only) of N&B (only) cities around 100k +. This would enable easy evaluation, comparison and search for them. 2 pics per day per individual would keep it easy to go over. P.S. If there is a similar thread delete this one or merge it. Riga...
  19. PROJECT | Akerselva Atrium | 37 m | 11 fl | Completed

    Akerselva Atrium in Oslo is an office building under construction to be finnished in 2008.
  20. Oslo! Everyone, feel free to post more pics=)

    Starting off with a few shots from my buildings roof, sorry my cam is so cheap;P The rest are from a roundtrip with my bike in the Grorud-valley: Lots of construction at Løren, Norways largest U/C building project. Nothing spectacular though. Økern-senteret highrise Årvoll...