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  1. FJORDCITY | Tjuvholmen

    - Island of Thieves Click logo for Official website Presenting Tjuvholmen. A project masterminded by one of Norway's most respected architects, Niels Torp. In 2002 he conceived of this plan to turn an old industrial pier, adjacent to Aker Brygge, into a landscape of islands, canals and the...
  2. FJORDCITY | Sørenga

    Sørenga Official website about Sørenga here. Sørenga is an old harbor pier stretching out in the fjord in Bjørvika. Its a major residential and mixed use projects in Bjørvika, a part of the Fjordcity project. Between 2009 and 2016 approximately 800 dwellings will be built here offering a...
  3. PROJECT | Logo Tower | 76m | 24fl | Never Built

    Logo Tower Logo Tower is a 3 900m2 large, 76m tall residential and commercial building at Gullhaug Torg, Nydalen. The tower is designed as a slick and "monolithic" precise column, rising from a low pavilion and is conceived entirely in glass. Moveable panels and coloured lighting are to give...
  4. FJORDCITY | Deloitte Bygget | 67m | 16fl | Completed

    Deloitte Bygget Deloitte Bygget is a part of the OperaKvarteret highrise clauster Deloitte Bygget, or Isfjellet is inspired from a breaking glacier according to the architects. Isfjellet is the third building from the west been built in OperaKvarteret, a line of 11 high-rise buildings facing...
  5. Oslo Rådhus | Oslo, Norway

    Industrial Ages
  6. Summer in Oslo

    Being inspired by the summer in Copenhagen thread, I thought you might like to take a look at some photos I took of Oslo this summer. beware though, this pictures are not meant to represent oslo as such, and i have tended to avoid the most famous buildings. I have merely chosen those pictures I...
  7. Noruega | Norway

    Além-Fronteiras / Around The World
    A Noruega é um país nórdico da Europa setentrional que ocupa a parte ocidental da Península Escandinava, a ilha de Jan Mayen e o arquipélago ártico de Esvalbarda, através do Tratado de Esvalbarda. A parte continental do país divide fronteira a leste com a Suécia e ao norte com a Finlândia e a...
  8. Oslo's new skyline

    A free localpaper showed this rendering of the new skyline under construction in Bjørvika. I've written about it in my Fjordcity thread, but I think it deserves a separate thread. Maybe I should put construction-photos here as time goes by. And this was posted some months ago, almost...
  9. OSLO | Public Transport

    Subways and Urban Transport
    Welcome to Oslo... mixed gallery Here is a picture from 1988-1991, of a station that dosent exsist anylonger: Same place, but in 1975: Tram section beeing worked on: As you can see here, the tram tracks is in the same size as train and subway tracks: Here is a picture of one...
  10. European Cities Skylines

    Cityscapes and Skyline Photos
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  11. INFRASTRUKTUR | Norske veier | Roads and Highways

    Roads and Highways of Norway Construction updates and development projects of the Norwegian network of roads and highways.
  12. Posthuset l OSLO l 111m l 26fl

    Europe and Africa
    Posthuset Oslo, Norway HEIGHT: 111m FLOORS: 26 floors COMPLETION: 1975 ARCHITECT: ? USE: Office STREET: Biskop Gunnerus Gate 14 Originally 84m tall with 19 floors. Was reconstructed to its current design and height in 2003.
  13. Oslo development thread

    Projects in Oslo and suburbia cities such as Bærum, Asker, Lørenskog, Lillestrøm and Gardermoen. You can find a completion of the projects in Oslo in this thread. Updated by Þróndeimr.
  14. Radisson SAS Plaza Hotel l OSLO l 117m l 37fl

    Europe and Africa
    Radisson SAS Plaza Hotel Oslo, Norway HEIGHT: 117m FLOORS: 37 floors COMPLETION: 1990 ARCHITECT: White Arkitekter AB USE: Hotel STREET: Sonja Henies plass 3 General Information: Street: Sonja Henies plass 3 Hight: 117m 384 ft Floors: 37 Construction Finish: 1990 Function: Hotel Rooms: 673...
  15. Oslo - Norway

    Rate Our Skylines
    Oslo, Norway City population: 526 920 Urban area population: 811 688 City area : 454 sqkm Oslo is the capital, and the largest city in Norway. Oslo was founded by the Norwegian viking king Harald Hardråde in 1048. In 1624 the city burned down after a fire. The city was rebuilt, on the other...