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  1. JEDDAH | Jeddah Tower | 1000m+ | 3281ft+ | 167 fl | On Hold

    A diagram comparing a 1000m version of Kingdom Tower to other supertalls: Source: Gizmodo, New renderings (as of August 1st 2011): The observation platform at approximately 675m+...
  2. PARIS | Les Docks de Saint-Ouen

    General Urban Developments
    Les Docks de Saint-Ouen is a large urban renewal project over a former industrial site in north Paris. Started in the 2000s, 1 750 housing units, 17 000 m² of offices and a 12 ha park have already been delivered. Ultimately, when the project will be fully completed in 2025, it will include 443...
  3. [Francja] Paryż, bliźniak Londynu "za miedzą"

    Watek ma troche nawiazywac do podobienstw, roznic i powiazan dwoch najwiekszych metropolii zachodniej Europy. Ale jak na ironie tym razem do Paryza dotarlem w drodze powrotnej z Hiszpanii i spedzilem tam tylko kilka godzin przesiadajac sie z Gare Montparnasse na Gare du Nord skad lapalem...
  4. ✈VR/TCV | Cabo Verde Airlines - Notícias e Flight Reports

    Transporte Aéreo Facebook Instagram Site Twitter Youtube
  5. [Francja|Paryż] Odbudowa katedry Notre Dame

    W prawdzie nie mamy tutaj w dziale wątków zagranicznych, nie mniej myślę, że warto założyć nowy temat dla tak wielkiego przedsięwzięcia, jakie miejmy nadzieje lada moment będzie miało miejsce. Stan aktualny: Skala pożaru:
  6. Quick Weekend in Paris

    Urban Showcase
    Thought I'd share a small selection of photos from my weekend visit to Paris. The full gallery from the trip is here: It's a city I've only visited once or twice before; despite living within easy reach of it...
  7. The Most Beautiful European Cities Before WWII

    European Classic Architecture and Landscapes
    The Most Beautiful European City Before WWII While it is true that the European cities we often hold to be quintessentially beautiful today (Paris, Prague, Vienna, Rome etc.) have long been so, how did they compare to those cities that were irreparably altered by the ravages of time and (in...
  8. linear streetscapes from France

    European Classic Architecture and Landscapes
    Here are some examples of linear streetscapes (streetlines) from french cities. I'll try to add more in the future... Paris | Rue Gabrielle Rouen | Rue du Gros Horloge Deauville | Rue du Casino
  9. PARIS - Gare du Nord | Rénovation lourde | 2018 - 2024

    Infrastructures et Transports
    Il y a un projet ambitieux de rénovation, on peut même dire restructuration pour Gare du Nord.
  10. 2024 Summer Olympics | Games of the XXXIII Olympiad - Candidate Cities

    Stadiums and Sport Arenas
    Games of the XXXIII Olympiad 2024 SUMMER OLYMPICS CANDIDATE CITIES The cities have been placed in the poll in the order that the IOC draw placed them; Los Angeles, Budapest and Paris. The host of the XXXIII Summer Olympic Games will be selected in 2017 in Lima, Peru, during the IOC's...
  11. Париж | Paris

    Foreign Topics
    В прошлом году был в Париже выложу свои фото, которые сделал на свою сотку.
  12. The Eiffel Tower - Tour Eiffel - Industrial Revolution Architecture

    European Classic Architecture and Landscapes
    The Eiffel Tower might be the greatest building from the Industrial Revolution. It has both the beautiful ornamentation of older classical styles and the light and simple shape of later modern architecture. Some background on the Eiffel Tower...
  13. PARIS | Ferries

    Subways and Urban Transport
    Le Millénaire river shuttle. It links the Millenaire district (shopping mall and offices) with Corentin Cariou metro station (line 7).
  14. PARIS | Erosia Twin Towers | 235m x 2 | 58 fl x 2 | Pro

    Proposed Skyscrapers
    In Surennes, next to to the river seine. it's a mixed project (flats amd hotel). The top connects the 2 towers with a restaurant, bar swimming pool and garden
  15. Auguste Perret

    Auguste Perret (*1874 Ixelles/Belgium, †1954 Paris) is a pioneer of classical / early modern architecture, on the verge between neoclassicism, Art Deco, Nouveau, Streamline and other 20th century styles. He was a world leader and specialist in reinforced concrete construction and has proven as...
  16. 2024 Summer Olympics | Games of the XXXIII Olympiad - Candidate Cities

    Stadiums and Sport Arenas
    New thread and new poll!
  17. The most influential architecture styles of the 19th century

    Since my other thread got closed for some reason, this will be a thread to demonstrate where architectural styles of the 19th century can be found throughout the world. This thread is for historicist architecture/revivalism of the mid- and late 19th century.
  18. Lost Paris

    There is only a "Lost France" thread. Would like to see what is Lost in Paris over these years. ~ Inspired from the Lost London thread. All Architecture lost in Paris will go in this thread. This thrad is for the architecture of Paris that was destroyed by natural causes or by human causes.
  19. Haussmann architecture VS Victorian architecture

    Compile the photos of greatest structure in these styles and compare! WOuld be cool to see all this! Besides Haussmann and Victorian style, just discuss these two eras (Mid 1800s - early 1900s) in general. Edit: Compare all architecture from mid to late 1800s. Victorian, Haussmann etc..
  20. PARIS 18e - Chapelle International

    Actualités urbaines et architecturales
    Projet Urbain : environ 104.000 m² SHON Logements : environ 56.000 m² Bureaux : environ 33.000 m² SOHO : environ 8.000 m² Équipements publics : environ 6.000 m² Commerce : environ 800 m² Hôtel logistique multimodal : environ 40.000 m² SHON Des SOHO veut dire "Small Office Home Office" ce sont...