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  1. Cityscapes and Skyline Photos
    Greenmara - Walled kitchen gardens has been an inseparable part to large country houses for centuries. It helps keeping foods and herbs supplies to big households. The high walls surrounding the garden not only provide protection from predators, but also estbalish an inner micro-climate. I'm a...
  2. Visayas
    This is formerly a condominium project that will be bought by the Dumaguete City Government and will be finished as the city's new city hall building.
  3. Irish Architecture Forum
    Hi all, Apologies, I posted this in error elsewhere. I am trying to find the name of, and images of, the old park on Dame Street beside City Hall? It was replaced in 2007 by that building with the "false crane" on top...
  4. Proposed Highrises
    I believe this is either B5 or B6.
  5. Photo section
    Hi Guys , I hope you like my video of Al Mamzar beach Park in Dubai. :cheers:
  6. Supertalls
    BANGKOK | One Bangkok Tower | 380m | 90 fl | U/C One Bangkok - Suan Lum Nightbazaar REDEVELOPMENT 380 M 90 FL
  7. Photos: Natural Kenya
    Samburu National Reserve Kenya
  8. Speakers' Corner
    Serpentine Pavilion Thread Kensington Gardens W2
  9. Hamburg
    Die Fläche des Ohlsdorfer Freidhofs dem größten Parkfriedhofs der Welt (391 Hektar) soll umgestaltet werden. Grund: Es gibt zuwenig (Sarg-)Bestattungen. Investitionsvolumen: 3 Millionen Euro. Stand: Bürgerbeteiligungsverfahren wird gestartet. Lage:
  10. Entertainment
    Espaces verts: Oujda se lance un défi écologique
  11. Projects and Construction
    Construction starts on Victory Park cinema and high-rise project Steve Brown January 12, 2016 Full Article
  12. Projects and Construction
    Hotel and condo tower announced for Frisco’s Wade Park project Steve Brown August 17, 2015 Full Article
  13. Urban Environment
    Парк Кок-Тобе выделен в отдельную тему.
  14. Košice
    General data: Investor / Developer : MM Invest Košice, s.r.o. Celkové náklady / Total costs : 10 000 000 Euro Architekt / Architect : ??? Počet bytov (I. etapa) / No. of apartements : 122 Rozloha bytov / Dimensions of apartments : 48 m² - 144 m² Počet vonkajších parkovacích miest / No. of outer...
  15. Projects and Construction
    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Gravesite of the Quirky PoMo Masterson YWCA to Sprout an 18-Story Office Tower
  16. General Iran
    chehel bazeh park
  17. Hamburg
    Der Feldstraßenbunker soll n Dachgarten bekommen... Architekten und Anwohner haben ein spektakuläres Konzept erdacht: In großer Höhe sollen ein gewaltiger Park, ein Amphi-Theater und Musikklubs entstehen. Die Chancen auf eine Realisierung stehen gut. full story in ze Abendblatt...
  18. Urban Environment
    в парке панфиловцев тоже обновляют kjnb: EDT
  19. Photos: Natural Kenya
    Mount Longonot Kenya
1-20 of 88 Results