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  1. Sunderland and Durham
    As the title suggests,--this thread will cover everything Horticultural,---there are many Beautiful Parks and other areas in the Sunderland and Durham area which will be of interest to people,--also there will hopefully be Gardeners interested too,---cheers.
  2. General photography
    A thread about Urban Parks and gardens in our cities. Apparently, the oldest gardens still in existence in Morocco date back to the XIIth century, during the Almohades era. (source) p.72
  3. Isfahan
    Some projects in sofe This castle"shah dej" is now accessible by telecabin namaz khane
  4. Berlin Talk
    Wo Berlins Biber auch mal verschnaufen können rbb :banana:
  5. Tehran
    new thread post stuff regarding greenery, trees, parks etc here :)
  6. Bochum
    Am kommenden Samstag, 26. April, fallen die Hüllen von Richard Serras "Terminal" in Bochum. Rund zwei Wochen lang war die stählerne Skulptur wegen umfangreicher Sanierungsarbeiten eingerüstet und teilweise abgedeckt. Eine Arbeitsgruppe der RuhrKunstMuseen hatte die Skulptur für das...
  7. Internationale Projekte
    Ahoi! So lasset uns hier schöne oder auch weniger schöne Parks & Gärten aus allen Ländern der Welt vorstellen und diskutieren. Es können auch Projekte für neue Anlagen sein. Oder Visionen. Grünen Daumen hoch! :okay:
  8. Kiel
    Durch den neuen Vorstadtthread bin ich auch mal wieder aktiv geworden und hab mir dieses Thema ausgedacht. Hier können in Zukunft alle Neuigkeiten und Bilder zu den Kieler Parks eingestellt werden. Denke dabei auch an parkähnliche Grünflächen und Spielplätze. Dazu kann ich jetzt aus der Ferne...
  9. Craiova Metro Area
    Let's post here news and pictures from our Parks and other recreation places from Craiova.
  10. General Photography
    Romania's protected natural areas From now on, I will put here a part of the nature photos to leave more space on the main thread for architecture. Wikipedia 1. Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve 5,800 km² 2. Domogled - Cerna Valley National Park 601 km² 3. Ceahlău National...
  11. Urban Issues
    This thread is to discuss Toronto's parks, gardens, sports facilities and public squares, and for pictures of these places including streetview images. Does Toronto need more parks, gardens, squares, and sports facilities (ie public basketball courts/baseball diamonds/etc.)? If so where...
  12. Citytalk and Urban Issues
    Basically just post photos of any urban skatepark in your city. Lee and Joe Jamail Skatepark - Houston This park is thought to have the largest cradle in the US. Galveston Skatepark - Galveston
  13. Запоріжжя / Zaporizhzhia
    Останнім часом міська влада дуже активно стала цікавитись ідеями створення та реконструкціями парків, скверів та рекреаційних зон. Думаю що ця тема є важливою ланкою в житті та розбудові міста, тож...Let's go! В Запорожье ветераны просят привести в порядок парк Победы. Как сообщил советник...
  14. General photography
    List of national parks of Morocco * Al Hoceima National Park * Ayachi National Park * Bou Arfa National Park * Dakhla National Park * Golf of Khnifiss National Park * Ifrane National Park * Iles of Essaouira National Park * Lake Sidi Boughaba National Park *...
  15. Newcastle Metro Area
    Are they allotments I see in the top right corner of the aerial image of Castle Leazes Moor above? If so, why were they got rid of? There's such a shortage of allotment space and this is exactly the kind of use that I think parts of the town moors should be given over to. Allotments would allow...
  16. Hannover
    Hannover gilt als eine der grünsten Metropolen Europas. Der Stadtwald, die Eilenriede, ist größer als der Hyde Park in London oder der Central Park in New York City und innerhalb weniger Minuten vom Stadtzentrum aus zu Fuß zu erreichen. Da diese Grünanlagen so prägend für das Stadtbild sind...
  17. Newcastle Metro Area
    Apologies if this already has a thread, but I haven't found one... Well, in short, I was wondering what everyone here would do if they were solely in charge of the future of the Town Moor? Do you agree with it staying as-is, being grazed by the Freemen's cattle, or should we make more use of...
  18. Public Space
    Favorite Parks in Your City Central Park fall with buildings 2010 by John Hudson Photo, on Flickr Thought this might be a good way to kick off the new forums! Post pictures :cheers:
  19. Transport and Infrastructure
    It was high time for this thread. Let me start with the project for renovation of The Danube park in Vidin.Some pics which show how it looks like now. And the new project
  20. Казань
    Вся информация о развитии парков и скверов города Казани. Для начала небольшой повтор - парк около строящегося здания "Минсельхоза"
1-20 of 25 Results