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  1. Thailand bid for the 2023 Asian Game

    Urban Discussions
    Candidate cities are Pattaya and Chiang Mai. Chiang Mai Pattaya
  2. Baan Plai Haad Wongamat, 31+7 Storey : Pattaya

    New Highrise developments
    Developer: Sansiri PLC Location: Wongamat Beach Launching: October 2012 Prices will average at around 100k per sqm.
  3. PATTAYA | Baan Plai Haad Wongamat | 31 fl | 7 fl | Com

    DN Archives
    Developer: Sansiri PLC Location: Wongamat Beach
  4. PATTAYA | Wongamat Tower | 38 fl | 30 fl | 6 fl | U/C

    regoigerngoenhr by melrocks50, on Flickr
  5. PATTAYA | Prima Wongamat | 34 fl | 30 fl | 6 fl | Pro

    Proposed Highrises
    Name: PRIMA WONGAMAT Developer: Petch Pattaya Developmet Location: 193/1 M.5 Naklua Soi 18/1 Banglamung, Pattaya City, Chonburi, 20150, Thailand Units available: From 41.20 Sq.m. for Studio Type up to 796.25 Sq.m. for Grand Penthouse Prices: From 4.2million baht to 130 million baht ($4.5...
  6. PATTAYA | Cetus | 50 fl | Prep

    Proposed Skyscrapers
  7. PATTAYA | The Palm Wongamat | 45fl | 26 fl | Com

    DN Archives
    Name : The Palm Wongamat Beach Location : Wongamat Beach Pattaya Project Description : 45 and 26 Storey Condominium Towers Launch : 1Q 2011
  8. PATTAYA | The Posh | 35 fl | Com

    DN Archives
    Name : Posh Pattaya Developer : Pattaya Posh Co.,Ltd Project Description : 35 Storey condominium Tower Location : North Pattaya Launch : August 2012 Rendering : Map : Description Pattaya Posh is a prestigious high-rise condominium development, occupying the best...
  9. Pattaya : The city that never sleeps

    Cityscapes and Skyline Photos
    Pattaya The City of Thailand :):):)
  10. Southeast Asia - Your Country's Second City

    Cityscapes and Skylines
    Singapore & Brunei - None Vietnam - Ho Chi Minh City Indonesia - Surabaya The Philippines - Cebu Thailand - Chiang Mai Malaysia - George Town, Penang (Feel free to fill in the rest for me) Tell us about your second city and show us the skyline, infrastructures and main industries in your...
  11. Centara Grand Residence, 55+40+30 Storey : Pattaya

    New Highrise developments
    Holy moly....:D
  12. The Beach Jomtien, 62+52 Storey : Pattaya

    New Highrise developments
    Name : The Beach Jomtien Location : Jomtien Beach, Pattaya Developer : Hvidsten Eieodom AS Project description : 2 towers of residential condominium complex. Construction Start : The end of 2008
  13. Holiday Inn Pattaya, 26 Storey : Pattaya

    New Highrise developments
    Name : Holiday Inn Pattaya Location : Pattaya Beach Road (Next to Amari Orchid Resort) Owner : Erawan Group Project Description : 26 Storey 4 Star Hotel offering "every room" seaview Construction Start : 4Q 2006 Construction Finishes : 1Q 2008
  14. Central Festival Pattaya Beach+Hilton Hotel, 29+29 Storey : Pattaya

    New Highrise developments
    Name : Central Festival Pattaya Beach Location : Pattaya Beach, next to View Talay Condominium Project 6 Architects : MAA Architectens, Benoy Architects M&E : Meinhardt Thailand Limited Developer : Central Pattana Rama II Limited Project Description : Two 29 Storey, One Hotel Tower and One...
  15. Ocean ONE "O1", 91 Storey-367M : Pattaya

    New Highrise developments
    Name : OCEAN ONE Tower, O1 Location : Jomtien Beach, Pattaya Project Description : 91 Storey Condominium Tower comprising 587 units, to be tallest building in Thailand-Tallest Residential Building in The world Height : 327 Meters at the lst residential level, 367 Meters to The Pinnacle height...
  16. View Talay Jomtien VII, 27 Storey : Pattaya

    New Highrise developments
    Can u believe it?, another dumber coming...:D And he's tall this time...:)
  17. Tailândia | Thailand

    Além-Fronteiras / Around The World
    A Tailândia, oficialmente Reino da Tailândia, anteriormente conhecida como Sião, é um estado soberano no centro da península da Indochina, no Sudeste asiático. É limitado a norte por Mianmar e Laos, a leste por Laos e Camboja, a sul pelo Golfo da Tailândia e pela Malásia, e a oeste pelo Mar de...
  18. View Talay Jomtien IV, 26 Storey : Pattaya

    New Highrise developments
  19. Pattaya - Thailand

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    Skyline and Modern Highrises of Pattaya, Thailand by Bencito the Traveller, on Flickr PATTAYA is 147 kilometers southeast of bangkok , and faces the Thai Gulf, Pattaya is Asia's Premier beach resort, and caters with equal appeal to families, couples and single visitors. Pattaya's relaxing...