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  1. Infrastructure, Economy and Architecture
    مرمت پل خاتون عکاس: مير مجتبي فضل جو در 3 کيلومتري جنوب شهرستان خوي، بر روي رودخانه قطور و در موازات جاده خوي به اروميه پلي کهن وجود دارد که به پل خاتون معروف است. اين پل داراي پايه*ها و موجشکن هايي به شکل پشت ماهي از سنگهاي نسبتاً بزرگ و منظم با ملاط ماسه و آهک ساخته شده است. در قسمت فوقاني...
  2. Cityscapes and Skyline Photos
    Esfahan, former capital of Persia/Iran during the Safavid dynasty (15th century) is a city in the centre of Iran surrounded by arid mountainous lands. Its was called "Sepahan", meaning place of the armies. later Ispahan and now Esfahan, due to various reasons. the history of this city goes back...
  3. Photography and Sky Patogh
    There are great & beautiful gardens and park in iran.
  4. The Urban Tourist and Much More
    Iran map Tehran Kish Island From May 12, 09
  5. General Photography
    Here you can see the other side of Iran that western media does not want u to see. It's nothing like the news or whatever the crappy Western media makes it look in front of the world. It's a very nice place with great hospitable people and architecture. map of beautiful Iran! visitors to this...
  6. Infrastructure, Economy and Architecture
    Iranian investors pump $200 billion into UAE ventures This bridge weights 2375 Tons and is located 3.8 Km. upstream of Karun3 Dam. This intrados arc-bridge has a deck of 336 meters long and the distance of arc ends is 246 meters long and from this point of...
1-6 of 6 Results