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  1. Why are condos so expensive or what is my mistake here?

    Metro Manila Projects on the Rise
    Dear all, I want to get your view and opinion since this topic is burning under my nails for quite a while. I am particularly interested to hear from people who invested in condos and have experience with it. Sorry for the lengthy post, but I finally want to understand the market here. Short...
  2. Trump Tower at Century City | MANILA | 251m | 58 fl

    Rate Our Talls: 250-299 meters
    Trump Tower Manila Metro Manila, Philippines 251m/822ft 58 floors Pomeroy Studio; Broadway Malyan Residential 2017 photos from CTBUH
  3. Grand Hyatt Manila Metrobank Financial Center | MANILA | 318m | 66 fl

    Rate Our Talls: Supertalls
    Grand Hyatt Manila Metrobank Financial Center Manila, Philippines Height: 318m/1043ft (architectural) Floors: 66 Function: Hotel Architect: Wong & Ouyang Casas Architects Completed: 2017 Lawrence Ruiz by Manila-X
  4. POLO Thread

    Sports Center
  5. Manila, The Third World Atlantis

    The Third World Atlantis The history of Manila is one of such beauty but for it to be wiped out with a carpet bomb is of gloomy nature. Manila has now become a Theatrical Tragedy. And at present, it is now left as just an illusion to a Romantic Filipino. It is now hard to bring back the past...
  6. FIBA Youth Tournaments

    News, photos and updates on any Fiba Youth basketball competition! :okay:
  7. Environmental Protection, Conservation, and Rehabilitation

    The Economy, Industry and Development Issues
    Link to previous thread.
  8. HOCKEY Thread

    Sports Center
    Philippine Ice Hockey VIDEOS
  9. AFF Susuki Cup

    Singapore and Vietnam to co-host AFF Suzuki Cup Read more
  10. SCHOOLS IN ASIA, How's the education?

    Cityscapes and Skylines
    Share your High School, your College and everything nice about your school. Share your campus and everything nice about your school :) :banana::banana:
  11. Hey Visayas!

    It's More Fun In Visayas!
    Show me what you got! :cheers2:
  12. BGC | KidZania Manila [com]

    Completed Projects
    Would anyone know where in BGC they're planning to build this? "KidZania Singapore (2014) KidZania Moscow (Russia) (2014) KidZania Manila (Philippines) (2014) - Bonifacio Global City KidZania London (United Kingdom) (2015) KidZania United States...
  13. AFC Youth Tournaments

    AFC Challenge Cup qualifiers in March on FIFA Match days ! AFC Challenge Cup qualifiers in Manila will be played from March 22 to 26 , which is also FIFA match days according to Tajikistan FA website who had article about a Tajik referee for the qualifiers in Manila The tournament was...
  14. Lanang Business Park

    3D Designs
    Hello! I'm Back, and I have started to create my newest project. It is a Master-planned community which will bring together a live-work-play concept in one place. Sort of what like Eastwood City or Rockwell Center is in Manila. I have started to create the first few structures and road networks...
  15. One San Miguel Avenue | PASIG(MANILA) | 183m | 54fl

    Asia and Australia
    One San Miguel Avenue Pasig, Philippines HEIGHT: 183m/626feet 203m with antenna FLOORS: 54fl COMPLETION: 2001 ARCHITECT: ?
  16. Summit One | MANDALUYONG (MANILA) | 200m | 49fl

    Asia and Australia
    Summit One Mandaluyong, Philippines HEIGHT: 200m/667feet FLOORS: 49 floors COMPLETION: 1998 ARCHITECT::?
  17. One Rockwell | MAKATI (MANILA) | 202m/165m | 55fl/45fl

    Asia and Australia
    One Rockwell Makati (Manila), Philippines HEIGHT: 202m/663 feet 165m/550feet FLOORS: 55fl/45fl COMPLETION: 2011 ARCHITECT: ?
  18. Residences at Greenbelt | MAKATI (MANILA) | 204m | 58fl

    Asia and Australia
    Residences at Greenbelt Makati (Manila), Philippines HEIGHT: 204m/608feet FLOORS: 58 COMPLETION: 2008 ARCHITECT: ?
  19. Seafarer Asia - For the Maritime Community and their Extraordinary Families

    Tell us your extraordinary stories! Share your thoughts!
  20. MANILA | Mövenpick Hotel & Residences | 312m | 1024ft | 70 fl | Prep

    Proposed Supertalls
    Mövenpick Hotel & Residences Architect: Jose Pedro C. Recio, founder of Rchitect, Inc Developer: Mövenpick Hotels & Resorts (Switzerland) & Picar Development Inc (Philippines) this will be on the same block as Trump Tower Manila on...