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  1. up_mc's gallery

    Photography Corner
    hi everyone! just wanted to share my photos to everyone here @ SSC. Critiques and Compliments are all welcome!
  2. Blyth Shipping and the Port of Blyth

    Newcastle Metro Area
    NaREC turbine training tower puts Blyth at the cutting edge The Journal, Mar 19 2010 A pioneering facility was launched yesterday to further cement the region's growing reputation as a world leader in the green energy industry. The UK's first wind turbine training tower has been built at...
  3. Photo Contest - Nominations

    Fotografie a videá
    Fotografická súťaž Pred časom so spomenul, že by bolo zaujímavé zriadiť nejakú fotografickú súťaž, keďže tu máme pomerne dosť ľudí, ktorí sa aspoň amatérsky venujú fotografovaniu. Uvidíme ako sa to vyvinie, ale v zásade si to predstavujem tak, že do tohto threadu pošlete nejakú vlastnú fotku...
  4. Tyne Shipping and the Port of Tyne

    Newcastle Metro Area
    This thread is for discussion about Tyne shipping - ferry routes, cruise liner visits, freight ships, port expansion and other associated developments and news - for instance offshore industries and shipbuilding (r.i.p.). Since this subforum covers south northumberland we may as well include...
  5. Remembering HISTORIC NEWCASTLE - Old Photos, Maps, even Stories . . .

    Newcastle Metro Area
    CALLERS FURNITURE STORE on Northumberland Street was destroyed in a huge fire on 30th November 1969, but was re-built on the exact same spot and re-opened in 1971 . . . For those of you who do not know about this famous Newcastle store, the name of the shop was pronounced ‘CAllers’ and not...
  6. Indonesia - One photo per post

    General Photography
    Hey all, Weird. Indonesia is one of the prettiest countries in the world. Yet haven't seen a thread for it yet in the General Photo section. Let's do something about it :colgate: In this thread post any photo of Indonesia you like (altough landscapes, sunsets, sunrise, cityscapes, culture, and...
  7. Skyscraper Interiors

    General Photography
    Commercial, hotel, residential, or any other use. I'd love to see pictures of what it looks like from inside finished highrises. Please tell the location and approximate height. Thanks!
  8. PHOTOGRAPHY of Newcastle and the North East - Current photos, mainly taken by Forum Members

    Newcastle Metro Area
    ALL THESE PHOTOS ARE THE PROPERTY OF AND WERE ORIGINALLY POSTED BY TownPlanningNE Load of photos TownPlanningNE took today while walking around the city centre...
  9. My photographs of São Paulo

    São Paulo
    My photographs of São Paulo - Sempre atualizado Sempre tem mais fotos no thread em cada pagina ! Enjoy it :)
  10. San Francisco, California

    Urban Showcase
    I was in San Francisco from Saturday (10/4) morning to Sunday (10/5) night and here are the pictures. (Took the Amtrack - From Union Station [3 hour Bus> Bakersfield [8 hour Train> Emeryville [15 Minutes Bus> San Francisco[Ferry Building] .... Coming back - San Francisco[Ferry Building] [8 Hour...
  11. Toronto's Malibu Condo

    Urban Showcase
    Hi, I'm new to this forum. I just wanted to share some of my own photos here of a condo project I particularly enjoyed as it went through is development stages. It was alot of fun and provided a wonderful (and rare view) of the unmolested skyline we still have in some parts of the city...
  12. Los Angeles.

    Urban Showcase
    Taken by me ( but you can probably tell ;) )
  13. LA like you've never seen before !!

    Urban Showcase
    Some more LA for you pleasure. This time up: Little Tokyo: The former hive of Japanese activity that has since been surrendered to hipsters and artists. Koreatown: Somewhat of a paradox unique to Los Angeles, for it has a Hispanic majority population. This once neglected nabe is showing signs...
  14. Karaganda Photos | Фотографии Караганды

    Photography, Heritage & Architecture
    Караганда́ (казах. Қарағанды) — город в Казахстане, центр Карагандинской области. Крупный индустриально-промышленный, научный и культурный центр. Founded: 1934 Land: 543,28 км² Population: 451 000 (2008) Rank: 4th after Almaty (1,5 MLN), Astana (700K), and Shymkent(540K) Photo credit:
  15. [Zagreb] - photo thread VII (2008)

    Zagreb - photo thread VII (2008) [Zagreb] - photo thread [Zagreb] - photo thread II [Zagreb] - photo thread III [Zagreb] - photo thread IV [Zagreb] - photo thread V [Zagreb] - photo thread VI :okay: :master: :bow: :cheers2: :cheers1:
  16. MP Photo Contests [Old]

    Purani Jeans - Archives
    1. Caption: "I Love Karachi - Sony Ericsson" Camera: Sony Ericsson W810i Taken by: FAHADKHAN 2. Caption: Frontier Medical College, Abbottabad. Camera: Sony Cybershot DSC S500 Taken by: KBBOY 3. Caption: Camera: Taken by:Waleed12 4. Caption:Lahore Camera: SONY CYBERSHOT...
  17. ASTANA Photos | Фотографии Астаны

    Photography, Heritage & Architecture
    Here you can, i would say you should :) to post new pictures of Astana I begin with pics i posted in asian forum already, no offence to the photographers, it seem to be rather difficult to find all the links now, but i promise every new post i will make (c) and link :) :
  18. Photos You've Taken

    General Photography
    Sometimes, you take a shot you feel like sharing. Here's the thread to do so. I'll start it off. Here's my niece, Maddie.
  19. L.A. : Incredible Photos of the City

    Los Angeles
    By Upward By Upward By Upward By Upward By Upward By Upward By godblessbotox By godblessbotox
  20. :-(

    Urban Discussions
    Okay right now I can't find one of my old threads so this crap goes here