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  1. St. Petersburg/Clearwater Photos

    Tampa Bay Area
    I figure since Tampa has its own photothread why not make one for St.Petersburg/Clearwater i figure combining the two cities works because they work with each other and also we dont have that many clearwater pics so combining is better. Downtown St.Pete pics from my cellphone bayshore...
  2. Philippine Street Life and Scenes

    Photography Corner
    THE RULE IS TO POST THREE OF YOUR FAVORITE STREETS (IN ORDER) IN YOUR CITY AND WHY... as for me (pics to follow) DAVAO CITY 1. Rizal street - party place at night, lots of eat all you can establishments 2. Pryce street - Blugre Coffee, bounded by high rise buildings, chic and cosmopolitan...
  3. L.A. Photography

    Los Angeles
    This is were I'll post my new pix of LA from now on. If you would like to add some more it would be appreciated...... Enjoy All* Bonaventure Hotel with The Financial District in the background* Downtown LA view while driving on the 110 South from Pasadena* LA's New Slinky Rapid Bus..... So...