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  1. Industrial Ages
    Old Plovdiv Architectural Reserve is a well-preserved complex where on a relatively small area visitors can take walks through different historical ages, see ancient buildings adapted to the modern way of life and feel the spirit of the town from the Bulgarian Revival Period. The Old Town, as...
  2. Plovdiv
    Старт на интермодалния терминал в Пловдив – в края на 2012 г. Обща площ на терена - 68.870 м2 в това число: зона за изчакване - 7.200 кв. м контролна зона - 287 кв. м площ за железен път - 6.763 м2/ 13.132 кв. м обслужваща зона - 27.677 м2 / 43.601 кв. м зелена площ -...
  3. Ancient Times The Stadium of Philippopolis was built in the beginning of 2nd century AD during the reign Emperor Hadrian. It is situated in the Northern part of the fortified city surrounded by defence walls, in the natural terrain between Taksim Tepe and Sahat Tepe. The...
  4. Plovdiv
    Първата тема: е тук Приятно обсъждане на Пловдив в новата тема :cheers:
  5. Cityscapes and Skyline Photos
    General information: Plovdiv (Bulgarian: Пловдив) is the second-largest city in Bulgaria with a population of 381,738. Plovdiv's history spans some 6,000 years, with traces of a Neolithic settlement dating to roughly 4000 BC. Known in the West for most of its history by the Greek name...
  6. Ancient Times
    The Roman Theatreof Plovdiv by archer10 (Dennis) The ancient theatre is one of the most well-known Bulgarian remains of Roman times. It is situated in the city center of Plovdiv. The Theater stands between the...
  7. Photography and Videos
    This thread is basicly for old photos and visual reproductions of the city of Plovdiv.
  8. Rate our architecture
    Royal City complex in Plovdiv thanks to thanks to
  9. Plovdiv
    Plovdiv Construction & Projects Construction, Projects & Updates [2008-2009] Синдикалният дом:
  10. Plovdiv
    Последно: Затварят прелеза на Пещерско шосе през уикенда След изразеното първо от екипа на, а после и от читателите ни недоумение, че планов ремонт на железопътните бариери на бул. "Пещерско шосе" ще бъде извършван на 15 и 16 септември, от общината явно са се сетили, че това...
  11. Plovdiv
    Panorama park. 17-етажа - първа секция 14 типови нива и 2 мансардни етажа с панорамна гледка 15-етажа - втора секция 12 от които типови и 2 мансарди с луксозна планировка и панорамна гледка
  12. Plovdiv
    PLOVDIV MALLS MALL GALERIA PLOVDIV - The biggers mall in central Bulgaria Build-up area:127 000 sq.m. official site original size The complex is more than a retail center. It’s a city within the city. The construction of Galeria Plovdiv starts in 2006 over an area of 30...
  13. Plovdiv
    Mall Galeria Plovdiv The construction of Galeria Plovdiv starts in 2006 over an area of 30 decares. The project is located in the eastern part of Plovdiv, close to the Trakia region, in an already established retail destination at 5, Georgi Stranski Street. Access to Galeria Plovdiv is...
  14. Além-Fronteiras / Around The World
    A Bulgária (em búlgaro: България, transl, pronunciado: [bɐɫˈɡarijɐ]), oficialmente República da Bulgária (em búlgaro: Република България, transl. Republika Bǎlgarija', pronunciado: [rɛˈpublikɐ bɐɫˈɡarijɐ]), é um país do sudeste da Europa. Faz fronteira com a Romênia a norte, a Sérvia e a...
  15. Economy and Tourism
    Finally I decided to start this new thread about the ecology. I'm posting one a little bit old but a good one news! So please guys separate your trash! :) P.S. I've write to ecopack and asked them why in the "prestigious Lozenetz" there is steel not dust-bins for separating the trash, and...
  16. Economy and Tourism
    Tourism, as an industry, has been an important source of economic growth. While in 2006 the country hosted an estimated 6 million foreign tourists, in 2007, that number was increased to 7-8 million. The country has historical cities and towns, summer beaches, and mountain ski resorts. New types...
  17. Plovdiv
    Plovdiv Construction & Projects
  18. Economy and Tourism
    The last two years were especially good for Thracian Archealogy, many different treasures and tombs were found throughout Bulgaria. In 2004, everything started when the gold mask of a thracian ruler was found and his burial, that is when I got interested in Thracian culture. In 2005 another...
  19. Photography and Videos
    The roman theatre The old city :cheers:
1-20 of 20 Results