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  1. New Jersey
    This thread is for News & Photos about EWR or Newark Liberty International Airport. Newark International Airport - Newark and Elizabeth, NJ by Anomalous_A, on Flickr Newark International Airport Terminal C by Yusuke Kawasaki, on Flickr Newark International Airport (from a Plane) by Pete...
  2. DN Archives
    I think a lot of people (especially me :D) are interested in this building and I couldn't find a thread about it. To avoid Off-Topic in the several WTC-Tower threads I decided to create this one. So this is only about the Santiago Calatrava Transportation Hub and nothing else. Here we go...
  3. The World Trade Center
    Freedom Tower Freedom Tower Archive
  4. DN Archives
    Updated antenna/spire at right ================================================================================================ Location map of 1WTC:
  5. Subways and Urban Transport
    Pittsburgh - $400 Million LRT Project Bidding Pittsburgh-area authority moves forward with rail project 9 June 2005 PITTSBURGH (AP) - The federal government has given the Port Authority of Allegheny County the green light to look for the first bids for a $400 million light rail extension...