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  1. Northeast and MidAtlantic Development News
    Construction on this began a year or two ago. The building should be completed by summer 2022, with occupancy beginning in June. Brick Market is being built at 60 Penhallow Street, at the corner of Daniel Street.
  2. Southeast
    Portsmouth is an independent city in Virginia, directly across the Elizabeth River from Norfolk. The population is around 95,000. Portsmouth was named for Portsmouth, England. The town was established in 1752 by Colonel William Crawford, on his land. Portsmouth became a city in 1858. The...
  3. Zagranica
    22.09.2012 Londyn. Widziany z easyBusa. Na Luton wylądowałem dokładnie tego samego dnia, w samolocie tej samej linii, tego samego połączenia co rok wcześniej.
  4. Urban Showcase
    The Waterfront, Portsmouth
  5. Zagranica
    Hampshire. Chcialbym Wam przyblizyc miasta, miasteczka i wazniejsze wsie tego, lezacego na poludniu Wielkiej Brytanii hrabstwa. Pojawi sie tutaj: Winchester, Portsmouth, Southampton, Basingstoke jak i inne, mniej wazne dla regionu: Havant, Gosport czy Waterloville. Z opisem hrabstwa ogranicze...
  6. Rate-a 'Scraper
    If I said to you, 1973 completed British Office Tower, you probably wouldn't expect the best looking tower in the world, but Portsmouth's 1973 beauty is an exception to that rule. A stunning piece of Modernist design, Zurich House's sweeping curve and floor to ceiling dark glass cladding have...
  7. Subways and Urban Transport
    Norfolk, Virginia Light Rail Construction is about to commence for the new light rail line in Norfolk, Virginia. The following are some facts about the line: Length: 7.4 miles Cost: $232.1 million (2006 Dollars) Number of Stations: 11 Estimated Opening Date: January 2010 Estimated Daily...
  8. Portsmouth Developments
    The Official Eastside Plaza Construction Thread The Official Eastside Plaza Construction Thread Portsmouth, UK, 95m On Tuesday, I went up the newly built 170m Spinnaker Tower and took some pictures of the spectacle of the south coast. I knew the new Eastside Plaza, 95m was under...
  9. Southeast Development News
    Here is a thread for all the news and updates of that large metro! :)
1-9 of 10 Results