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  1. City/Metro Compilations
    New compilation thread for projects in and around Leipzig, Germany,
  2. City/Metro Compilations
    This thread is for projects in Puerto Rico that are outside of the municipality of San Juan. For projects inside the municipality of San Juan, please see this thread.
  3. Nairobi Metro Region
    Man...kwani how lazy are you!?...there are already respective threads for the ones you are starting
  4. Nairobi Metro Region
    Now this is making good use of their current parking space. But it also doubles up as the school playground for their school. What will happen now?
  5. Brooklyn & Staten Island
    Skyscrapers (> 656') Downtown Brooklyn | 9 DeKalb - 1066' - U/C Downtown Brooklyn | 625 Fulton Street - 942' - Pro Downtown Brooklyn | 80 Flatbush - 840' + 510' - Pro Downtown Brooklyn | Brooklyn Point - 745' - T/O Brooklyn Heights | 205 Montague St - 700' - stale proposal Highrises (>328')...
  6. Transportation
    This is the thread to post upcoming project openings. Both the community open days/official opening events and dates when projects are open to traffic/passengers. Thought it would be a good idea to consolidate this list in the one place without needing to click through pages of discussion.
  7. City/Metro Compilations
    Buffalo Projects & Construction Buffalo, New York by Denis Tangney Jr, on Flickr A look at new and recently completed projects in Buffalo New York .
  8. Visayas
    Pueblo de Panay is the largest, contiguous, master-planned development among the capital cities and towns of Panay Island. Phase 1 of the development (which is more than 130 hectares) is considered to be at the center of the city, being less than 2,000 meters away from the Roxas City fountain...
  9. City/Metro Compilations
    ******************* Ikoyi Luxury Flats | COMPLETE ***** Victoria Mall Plaza | U/C | Mixed-Use | 15f, 13f, 3f There are 2 residential towers and one office tower. The 2nd phase finished in November of last year.. Images from UAC of Nigeria Plc
  10. City/Metro Compilations
    Philadelphia Projects & Construction A look at recent, ongoing and future developments in the Philadelphia area. Philadelphia Skyline 2011 by JKEL, on Flickr
1-11 of 23 Results