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  1. Skyscrapers
    I didn't find a suitable thread for this one conceptual supertall news I saw on Yimby, so I desided to start a new thread of my own for it and any other news like it. They can be news for the future or from the past, proposals and concepts that may or may not ever get realized or even concepts...
  2. Milwaukee
    This fourm is obviously dedicated to the Milwaukee neighborhoods of Haymarket, Brewer's Hill, and Riverwest. Below are the links to the neighborhood associations that I could locate: Historic Brewer's Hill Association Riverwest Neighborhood Association...
  3. General Discussion
    Somewhere where we can cry/rejoice over what was proposed but never happened :) Urban Marine
  4. Новосибирск
    Итак, выносим проекты из "Строительства в Новосибирске" в отдельную веточку. На затравку: Досуговый центр с подземной парковкой на пл. Ленина Выход метро "Красный проспект" к дому офицеров Взято здесь:
  5. Frankfurt Talk
    throughout this decade, there have been a large number of skyscraper proposals for Frankfurt Germany which have gone stale (which means that no news has been heard about a certain project). Few of these proposals may be revived in the future. Some of these proposals include the Millennium Tower...
  6. London Metro Area
    Click here to view scale diagrams of each tower. Click here for a 3-D flyaround of the City in 2012. Click here for a 3-D flyaround of Canary Wharf in 2012. SkyscraperCity London - a group for London forumers to join. SkyscraperCity videos - our very own YouTube channel. Previous London...
  7. Skyscrapers & General Urban Issues
    the first thread crept over 500posts. old thread
  8. Metro Manila Projects on the Rise
    Metro Manila Proposals and U/Cs Let's start all over again....yeah, from the top. We can do this...i promise to do as much as i can to give u updates guys. Let's stand together to rebuild the forum. I'll manage the U/Cs...:D so help me out buds. Let's be happY! It's better to have the forum...
1-9 of 9 Results