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  1. Birmingham Metro Area
    I feel so much better having this thread now :)
  2. The Crucible
    just a thought,how about a sheffield proper pubs forum, so here goes, who has memory,s or has been in The Good Doctor, Netherthorpe, the red lion holly st, what was the frog and parrot called before and the pub on the opposite corner to it, both on Division St, the Brunswick its still there...
  3. Newcastle Metro Area
    Been thinking that we should we create a thread on 'Pubs in Newcastle', so that we can discuss good/bad watering holes. Last night I went to the Millstone pub in South Gosforth (after having to leave Odeon Metrocentre, as Avatar was completely sold out). Anyway, decided to go there as I have...
  4. Sunderland and Durham
    I wonder if anyone could settle a discussion about the above which ironically happened in the King Arms. Two fellas were arguing when did the old Winstons became a pub as one of them said it used to be the old wages office for the yards and the other one said that its always been a pub. Who...
  5. Completed Projects
    I know this place was discussed in the original project summary thread about the state it was falling into, anyway some news on it, it seems J D Wetherspoon are going to refurbish and restore it in a £700,000 scheme. It will be named The John Edward Watson after the original architect...
  6. Newcastle Metro Area
    Yes Steve, any aspect of "Pubs of the Past" that you like! Stupidly re-named pubs are a great annoyance to me too. So, here is the new thread, started on 30th April 2012, but a fair number of posts from before that date have initially been pulled into the thread - so there's already a bit of a...
  7. Manchester Metro Area
    News, views, and nights. The Southern, Chorlton.
  8. Liverpool Metro Area
    Here is a link that covers most boozers on Merseyside. Very good and interesting views. Post your comments here about what you think are the best/worst pubs and why. What pubs need a bit of TLC and what ones do you think should be demolished ! :cheers: :cheers: :cheers...
1-8 of 8 Results