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  1. Rate Our Talls: 250-299 meters
    Ryomyong Street Apartments Pyongyang, North Korea 270m/886ft (estimated) 82 floors Residential 2017 tongil tours
  2. TV and OB-Towers
  3. City/Metro Compilations
    Pyongyang Projects and Construction A giant, massive building in a terrible country! But I love the Mansudae Apart Complex in Pyongyang, they're so modern and elegant! The Mansudae Apartment Complex
  4. Закордон
    CIMG0006 by comradeanatolii, on Flickr[/IMG] CIMG9607 by comradeanatolii, on Flickr[/IMG]
  5. Completed
    ok so im new to this forum , i have rad many interesting threads here , but i decided to create a user so i can ask questions to all you knowlegable people out there ! the may day stadium in pyongyang is listed everywhere as the largest stadium in the world with 150 000 seats. the thing that i...
  6. Proposed Supertalls
    Since it is offical now that the tower is U/C again and we've the evidence on a shot i thought it is time to open a new thread for the tower. Data: HEIGHT: 330m/1082ft FLOORS: 105 floors USE: Hotel latest construction shot from flickr, ( did you take the pic imre? ) bigger version...
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    A Coreia do Norte, oficialmente República Popular Democrática da Coreia, é um país no leste da Ásia que constitui a parte norte da península coreana, com Pyongyang como capital e maior cidade do país. Ao norte e noroeste, o país é limitado pela China e pela Rússia ao longo dos rios Amnok...
  8. Fotografía | Reportajes del resto del mundo
    Hola!! Os invito a un paseo por la capital del país del Gran Líder. 8.00 - Ya estamos llegando a la ciudad... 8.15 - Comenzamos a ver los primeros bloques de pisos. 8.30 - Ya estamos cada vez más cerca del centro financiero de Pyongyang, caracterizado por el bullicio y el...