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  1. Queens & Bronx
    New tallest for Queens
  2. Proposed Skyscrapers
    Submitted to the FAA for review as 27-48 Jackson Avenue, plans have now been revealed for Queens' next tallest building.
  3. Proposed Highrises
    This project evidently has a ton of square footage to work with and thus may end up much taller. Something to keep an eye on.
  4. Queens & Bronx
  5. Queens & Bronx
    163-05 - 163-25 Archer Avenue
  6. Queens & Bronx
    45-Story, 250-Unit Tower Planned for 23rd Street in Court Square
  7. Proposed Highrises
    This will be the latest highrise to go up near Court Square. 45-Story, 250-Unit Tower Planned for 23rd Street in Court Square this will be the white massing. Skyline tower is on the left and adjacent is the dormant Toyoko Inn parcel. sadly, this will replace some charming walkups.
  8. Highrises
    TF Cornerstone has been extremely active in the neighborhood long before Amazon came knocking. In addition to this new acquisition, they will develop two nearby parcels for Hunters Point South Phase 2 and, yes, the Amazon HQ2 campus to the north at Anable Basin. :cheers: Amazon’s LIC developers...
  9. Highrises
    Gotham + Riseboro's towers for Hunters Point South Phase 2. Long Island City's Hunters Point South phase 2 is back on track Parcel F: Parcel G...
  10. Highrises
    TF Cornerstone's parcels for Phase 2 of the Hunters Point South Project. TF Cornerstone Files for 46-Story 52-41 Center Boulevard in Hunters Point, Queens
  11. Queens & Bronx
    Jamaica’s 380-unit affordable housing complex breaks ground previous rendering:
  12. Queens & Bronx
    This needs to jump through a few hoops to become as tall as rendered, but if all goes well this will be another behemoth for Queens' maturing skyline. 70-Story Mixed-Use Skyscraper Proposed for Long Island CIty
  13. Queens & Bronx
    Filings Submitted for 24-Story Tower at 41-05 29th Street, Long Island City
  14. Queens & Bronx
    a good bit taller than what the majority of new developments in LIC have been. This new building will add to the ever growing density of the neighborhood. Rendering appears for Rockrose’s project at 43-12 Hunter Street
  15. Queens & Bronx
    Permits Filed For Mixed-Use Tower at 29-00 Northern Boulevard, Long Island City
  16. Queens & Bronx
    Skyscrapers (>656') LIC | Cityview Tower (23-15 44th Drive) - 778' - U/C LIC | Queens Plaza Park (29-37 41st Ave) - 751' - U/C LIC | 43-20 24th Street - 704' - Pro LIC | QPT/42-50 24th Street - 70 fl - Pro Highrises (>328') LIC | Hunters Point South Phase 2 - 587' + 475' - U/C + App 45-03...
  17. New York City
    The Real Deal: The 11 oldest buildings in New York
  18. Queens & Bronx
    This development will tower 514ft accoring to DOB filings. Japan’s Toyoko Inn files plans for first US hotel in LIC
1-18 of 60 Results