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  1. Transport & Infrastructure
    High-speed rail LINK Speed: 250km/h Construction period: 24 months Expected investments: L.E. 180 billion 1st Phase (122km): West G. Cairo - New Capital 2nd Phase (320km): Alexandria ⬎ ------------- Nubariya - Cairo El Alamein ⬏ 3rd Phase (92km): New Capital - Ain Sokhna Full line...
  2. Oradea Metro Area
    Locatia propusa pentru dezvoltarea proiectului este un amplasament situat in zona garii C.F.R. din Episcopia Bihor. Amplasamentul este situat in zona industriala a orasului, in vecinatatea a trei parcuri industriale, doua detinute de Oradea si unul apartinand de comuna Bors. Proiecte incluse...
  3. Railways & Transportation
    Bringing Maglev Trains To India: BHEL Partners With SwissRapid To Introduce Trains Running At 500 Kmph
  4. Greater Manchester Transport Projects
    The HOC TSC is holding an enquiry into the impact of Coronavirus on transport. Yesterday - It invited the Mayors of Greater Manchester. Liverpool City Region and the West of England Combined Authority to give evidence, The most striking feature was the degree of consensus between the Mayors...
  5. Αθήνα | Athens
  6. Almaty City and Metro Area
    Вокзал Алматы-1 будет капитально отремонтирован Подробнее:
  7. Milwaukee
    I know this was announced over a year ago and to this point there was no dedicated forum for discussion about it. However since it might be the start of a separate line from the starter / Blue Line I thought it might warrant it's own section. Plus I have a comment or two that I wanted to make...
  8. Milwaukee
    I know everything that is initially posted in this subforum has been posted on the other streetcar subforum. However since that forum was created for the Blue Line and we now have a map of where the Green Line / Lakefront Line will go I thought it would be appropriate to separate the two. This...
  9. Subways and Urban Transport
    This thread is for SEPTA Regional Rail in Southeastern Pennsylvania and Northern Delaware For non regional rail see the following threads below Philadelphia Public Transit > Buses , Trolleybuses , Subway , Streetcar , Light Rail , EL , Ferries Wilmington > Buses (Coming Soon) System Map...
  10. New Jersey
    From North to South Milford–Montague Toll Bridge Milford-Montague Bridge over Delaware River, New Jersey-Pennsylvania by jag9889, on Flickr Dingman's Ferry Bridge IMG_1172 by Alan Studt, on Flickr Dingman's Ferry Bridge by Keith Thomas, on Flickr Delaware Water Gap Toll Bridge...
  11. Subways and Urban Transport
    This thread is about public transport in Bristol
  12. Milwaukee
    I thought it was about time to start a dedicated thread for this subject since best case tomorrow this project is approved and worst case it is approved in January. I just do not see this project not happening anymore and I wanted everyone to have a place to post dedicated stories, updates, and...
  13. Transport, Urban Planning and Infrastructure
    . Liverpool reflected in the Mersey: "Collaborating with other cities and other countries is the future, and it helps to be able to shape much of that future ourselves," says elected mayor Joe Anderson. Will the north follow Scotland and search for greater power? The most remarkable thing...
  14. Transport, Urban Planning and Infrastructure
    Please keep discussion of where HS2 should or shouldn't go, and any other fantasy HSR discussions here please, and out of the main HS2 thread.
  15. Transport, Urban Planning and Infrastructure
    In an unusual case of creativity, the Treasury has drawn a map: You can see what we are getting in the image: The BBC summary is on: .
  16. Sheffield Transportation and Infrastructure
    Although heavily discussed in the ‘Your Sheffield Transport Solutions’ thread, as this will be the biggest transport infrastructure for Sheffield in our lifetime, I thought HS2 deserved its own thread. With the announcement of the routes imminent, interesting article in this weeks Telegraph...
1-17 of 75 Results