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railway stations
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  1. Architecture
    If such topic already exists, sorry, delete this ;) Berlin Hbf
  2. European Classic Architecture and Landscapes
    I'm fond of the old railways stations so I thought it might deserve it's own thread. Here is the biggest station of Europe:Paris Gare du Nord with some 550 000 passagers each day(Sorry for my english I'm french!:lol:)
  3. Heritage, Tourism & Infrastructure
    I'm starting a new thread containing photos of Railway Tracks & Stations around Bangladesh. Please contribute.
  4. Transport, Urban Planning and Infrastructure
    Hi there, As a part of a larger project, I am currently investigating projects in the UK and Ireland. Do you know any recent large-scale projects built on (or next to) railway stations there? For my research the following criteria are important: total costs of 100 Million Euro+; location at or...
  5. Railways
    Turkish Ministry of Transportation have announced that Sirkeci-Halkalı and Haydarpaşa-Gebze suburban rail lines will be closed in December 8, 2008, as a a part of Marmaray Bosphorus rail tunnel project. İstanbul will remain for at least two years without trains. Then only metro trains will use...
  6. Photos
    Knowing that railway companies have built some beautiful buildings, out of wood or beton, or bricks, this thread is made to post pictures of the railroad stations you like the most. Some are in jeopardy and to preserve, some are already protected, some are actual and functional, some are new...
  7. Željeznice
    Croatian Railways - Hrvatske Željeznice :cheers2:
  8. Infraestructuras | Resto del mundo
    El hilo original de ~日本鉄道~ Ferrocarriles japoneses se inicia en el comentario #84. Hasta ahí, se encuentran tres hilos fusionados de temática ferroviaria japonesa: Línea Minato Mirai del metro de Yokohama, Interiores de los trenes Tsubame, Kyushu - Japón y Nuevo aeropuerto de Nagoya y línea...
1-8 of 8 Results