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  1. Greater Manchester Transport Projects
    This thread is intended for discussion and constructive debate around: Pro's/Con's of the government's existing IRP proposals (IRP) Pro's/Con's of TfN's NPR proposals (TfN) Pro's/Con's of Alternative proposals/concepts (WestonWilliamson, CrossNorth Programme) or your own concepts. How NPR...
  2. Railways & Transportation
    Please post updates of VB Metro.
  3. Estonia
    Tallinna Ringraudtee projekt on taaskord veidike edasi liikunud. Harjumaa omavalitsused esitasid valitsusele taotluse ringraudtee eriplaneeringu algatamiseks ning on valmis umbes kolmandiku ulatuses eriplaneeringut rahastama. Edasine sõltub valitsusest. Link: Omavalitsused taotlevad Tallinna...
  4. Transportation
    This is the thread to post upcoming project openings. Both the community open days/official opening events and dates when projects are open to traffic/passengers. Thought it would be a good idea to consolidate this list in the one place without needing to click through pages of discussion.
  5. Railways
  6. Railways
    This thread is about railways in Uruguay
  7. Railways
    The Paris-based company Discovery Trains has been in discussion with SNCFT and the Tunisian Government regarding bringing the 1960s MAN-built Presidential Train back into use for tourist trains. A successful test run took place at the end of February, with the train making a full circuit Tunis -...
  8. Ahmedabad
    Felt we should have a separate thread for Railways discussion esp now that the Regional Rail service will get a boost alongwith Metro N-S corridor on the railway line. Plans are also afoot to develop the Sabarmati Jn as an alternative to Kalupur Jn (much needed!). Any news, new announced...
  9. Skyscrapers
    . . Roads, Streets, Trails, Airlines, Railways etc . . . Estradas, Ruas, Trilhas, Linhas Aéreas, Ferrovias etc . . . :dance: .
  10. Transport, Urban Planning and Infrastructure
    . Liverpool reflected in the Mersey: "Collaborating with other cities and other countries is the future, and it helps to be able to shape much of that future ourselves," says elected mayor Joe Anderson. Will the north follow Scotland and search for greater power? The most remarkable thing...
  11. News & Weather Channel
    Who is- or was- the Infrastructure PM of Australia? Tony Abbott has recently recently claimed this title: are there other contenders?
  12. Transportation
  13. Railways Swaziland confident of raising R9bn to fund cross-border railway line
  14. Railways
    ... but there are no railways in Rwanda! It is why I owe you some explanation. I am going to spam SSC by news about all more or less unrealistic plans for new railroads in Africa. It should be obvious that more than 95% of such a plans will never lead to actual construction. Still all of them...
  15. Estonia
    Place to discuss Estonian part of international Rail Baltic project - 1435mm gauge 240km/h top speed double track electric railway from Tallinn to Berlin. County planning has begun and it's set that there will be three stations in Estonia - Tallinn Central Train Station,Ülemiste station (new...
  16. Transport, Urban Planning and Infrastructure
    Please keep discussion of where HS2 should or shouldn't go, and any other fantasy HSR discussions here please, and out of the main HS2 thread.
  17. Transport, Urban Planning and Infrastructure
    In an unusual case of creativity, the Treasury has drawn a map: You can see what we are getting in the image: The BBC summary is on: .
1-18 of 90 Results