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  1. Architecture
    In Germany in last years we have a trend to reveval architecture in cities like Dresden Berlin Frankfurt , many old buildings were rebuild or reconstructed in old style . Did in London we will have any plans for something like that ? Or London will be a second Dubai ?
  2. Oradea Metro Area
    Lucrari la: partea carosabila a bulevardelor Nufarul-1600 m si Cantemir-1200 m; calea de tramvai dubla de pe ambele tronsoane- 2.670 m; trotuare si piste pentru biciclisti; amenajari peisagistice; spatii verzi si mobilier urban; iluminat public; lucrari de semaforizare; lucrari apa-canal...
  3. General Urban Developments
    Marx-Engels-Forum is a public park in the central Mitte district of Berlin, the capital of Germany. It is named for Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, authors of The Communist Manifesto of 1848 and regarded as the founders of the socialist movement. The park was created by the authorities of the...
  4. Almaty City and Metro Area
    Французы построят в Алматы новую гондольную дорогу до Коктобе Подробнее:
  5. European Classic Architecture and Landscapes
    If known, year of construction is mentioned. Please use Google Street View to see how the buildings looked before. Please do not repost Images in this Thread!
  6. European Classic Architecture and Landscapes
    If known, year of construction is mentioned. Please use Google Street View to see how the buildings looked before. Please do not repost Images in this Thread!
  7. European Classic Architecture and Landscapes
    Looks like we need a thread for this Project. A Project is underway to rebuild more parts of the old city (Altstadt) in Frankfurt. I don't have Pictures,but I found a few links.
  8. Stuttgart
    Grandioser Vorschlag im Bürgerhaushalt von Stuttgart (kann ab 18.3. bewertet werden): Historischen Marktplatz wieder aufbauen mit Hilfe von Investoren Nr. 3516 | Stadtverbesserer | 22.02.2013 | Stadtbezirk: Stuttgart-Mitte | Thema: Stadtplanung von In Stuttgart wurden nach dem Krieg leider...
  9. European Classic Architecture and Landscapes
    Moin everyone :) So we didn't have a thread about the Berlin City Palace (German Stadtschloss) reconstruction here so far. That's because it's not a complete reconstruction and we already have a thread at the General Urban Development forum. So please go there for all relevant news: CLICK...
  10. European Classic Architecture and Landscapes
    Leipzig is a city in Eastern Germany. Until WW2 the city was an important centre of printing, trade and culture. Especially in the late 19th century Leipzig flourished, and huge, often impressive Gründerzeit quarters were built. When the city became part of the Communist block Leipzigs...
  11. European Classic Architecture and Landscapes
    Post-war reconstruction of Elbląg. The city was part of Polish Prussia (Royal Prussia, the richest region of Kingdom of Poland) between 1454-1772 and is part of Poland since 1945. Unfortunately, Elbląg was heavily damaged by Soviets and Nazis during WW2. Poles are trying to rebuild this lost...
  12. European Classic Architecture and Landscapes
    Potsdam (just outside Berlin) used to more or less be the capital of the Hohenzollerns. Having sustained a fair degree of damage during WW2 it nonetheless remains a beautiful city. One of the biggest reconstruction projects is the Hohenzollern palace. Source...
  13. European Classic Architecture and Landscapes
    This thread is about the reconstruction of the Grote Markt (Grand Market) in Groningen. This place was bombed by Germans at the end of World War II. It included many historical buildings which where important for the history of Groningen, like the Scholtenshuis, the Goudwaag (which still exists)...
  14. Infrastructure, Economy and Architecture
    مرمت پل خاتون عکاس: مير مجتبي فضل جو در 3 کيلومتري جنوب شهرستان خوي، بر روي رودخانه قطور و در موازات جاده خوي به اروميه پلي کهن وجود دارد که به پل خاتون معروف است. اين پل داراي پايه*ها و موجشکن هايي به شکل پشت ماهي از سنگهاي نسبتاً بزرگ و منظم با ملاط ماسه و آهک ساخته شده است. در قسمت فوقاني...
  15. General Urban Developments
    The Berlin City Palace or Berlin Palace (Berliner Stadtschloss aka Berliner Schloss in German) is (partly) getting reconstructed. It's scheduled to be finished and opened as the world cultural museum "Humboldt Forum" in late 2019. Interiors can and will be reconstructed later on, year by year...
  16. Frankfurt
    Alles zur Rekonstruktion von Teilen der Frankfurter Altstadt hier rein (auf dem Areal des ehemaligen Technischen Rathauses). Globaler Projektfaden (englischsprachig): Frankfurt Old Town reconstruction Offizielle Webseite: DomRömer GmbH Wikipedia: Dom-Römer-Projekt (Bilder) Diese...
1-18 of 37 Results