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  1. Somalia
    Does anyone know if Somalis had a pre-modern literary culture? or an existence of early documented heritage? prior to the 20th century. Somalia had various sultanates over the centuries, and it's hard to believe some of their manuscripts or historical writings haven't survived. Especially since...
  2. Infraestructuras | Ferrocarriles
    Esto está en inglés pero es interesante, cortesía de Yahoo: Fastest conventional train 515.3 km/h (322 mph) France, TGV-A set 325, 18 May 1990. Fastest gas turbine-powered train 318 km/h (199 mph) France, TGV001, 8 December 1972. Fastest diesel-powered train 256.38 km/h (160 mph) Spain, Talgo...
1-2 of 2 Results