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  1. Newcastle Metro Area
    I see Zavvi have announced they are closing immediately another 15 stores in the UK - and surprise surprise one of them is Newcastle, Northumberland Street. So another prominent empty store in the city centre- I don't know how the owners of Monument Mall havent gone bust themselves- the mall is...
  2. Infraestructuras | Ferrocarriles
    Esto está en inglés pero es interesante, cortesía de Yahoo: Fastest conventional train 515.3 km/h (322 mph) France, TGV-A set 325, 18 May 1990. Fastest gas turbine-powered train 318 km/h (199 mph) France, TGV001, 8 December 1972. Fastest diesel-powered train 256.38 km/h (160 mph) Spain, Talgo...