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  1. Urban Renewal and Redevelopment
    Hello! I am an architecture student from Central Saint Martins. Together with student from UC Berkeley University of California, Virginia Commonwealth University and Åbo Akademi University Finland we are researching how to tackle the problem of the construction industry accounting for so much...
  2. Architecture
    Hey guys, Please share Green/Sustainable/Eco-Friendly buildings in your city/region/country. I will start with my hometown, Vancouver. Green Vancouver Vancouver wants to establish itself as “the greenest city in the world by 2020” by demonstrating that economic growth and the welfare of...
  3. Infrastructure & Transport
    I will start this thread by linking to an article from hotnews it’s about the opening (partial) of a waste water treatment plant in Bucharest. I must say I'm amazed that Bucharest didn't have this facility :bash: source
  4. Newcastle Metro Area
    Every wondered what happens to your waste when you put it in the wheelie bin or in the litter bin in the street? Currently there are two processing sites in Newcastle that handle all of the citys waste Newcastle Resource Recovery Centre (Byker MBT Plant) This is located on Walker Road just...
  5. Newcastle Metro Area
    The UK should be one of the world centres for wind power if we really commit to it, and obviously the north sea would be one of the main places to put new turbines. I wouldn't pin too much hope on it as it is early days yet. I think there is a turbine factory planned for somewhere in the east...
  6. Manchester Metro Area
    Dont you just hate it in this country. Pointless lamposts all the time.. eg all this near picadilly gardens why dont they join them all up or something. Its not just that but everywhere else, like your walking down the street and theres a lampost right in the middle of the pavement, and...
1-6 of 8 Results