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  1. Architecture
    Hello dear skyscraper people, I'm a student filling some of his spare time making architectural designs, hope you can give some feedback since feedback has been extremely rare for me till now :)
  2. Estonia
    You can post here ideas or renderings of anything in Estonia. Two rules 1) idea or rendering has to be made by you and 2) it has to be located in Estonia or part of it has to. EDIT: It's has been 7 years since the start of this "lovely" Thread. And I believed time had come to do a small...
  3. Architecture
    Into renderings by Vyonyx and MIR. Projects around the world in high resolution (renderings must be larger than 1500 pixels while i try to use 1600 pixels as the standard width). I will present renderings of high quality, so consider this a thread to those of us who have a big screen with a...
  4. Citytalk and Urban Issues
    Hi Everyone, Let's use this thread to post photos of futurisic cities. I'll start...
1-5 of 7 Results