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  1. Highrises
    One Times Square is receiving a new facelift... again and it looks awful.... again The New Year’s Eve ball-drop tower, watched by thousands of wide-eyed Times Square holiday revelers, will soon be for fun for visitors inside, too. Owner Jamestown plans a half-billion-dollar transformation of...
  2. Architecture
    In Germany in last years we have a trend to reveval architecture in cities like Dresden Berlin Frankfurt , many old buildings were rebuild or reconstructed in old style . Did in London we will have any plans for something like that ? Or London will be a second Dubai ?
  3. Proposed Skyscrapers
    the world's most iconic department store may receive a towering addition. The parking lot, offices and store in Brooklyn are currently being redeveloped. Macy’s explores raising skyscraper atop Midtown flagship wikipedia
  4. General Urban Developments
    Vornado Plans High-Tech Offices in West Chelsea Designed by Richard Rogers
  5. DN Archives
    we're currently late in the game with this project. It was overshadowed by Manhattan West and the Railyard Redevelopment. ____ current progress: Midtown West Construction by Rick Sands, on Flickr
  6. Projects and Construction
    FIRST LOOK: KDC'S DEEP ELLUM JV Full Article Higher quality photos of Deep Ellum's The Epic: Source
  7. Baltimore / Washington DC
    What's going on with it? It was a good looking project for renovation. But now it's been ground to halt? Does anyone know what's happening or what was going on with it while it was getting "cleaned out"?
  8. European Classic Architecture and Landscapes
    If known, year of construction is mentioned. Please use Google Street View to see how the buildings looked before. Please do not repost Images in this Thread!
  9. European Classic Architecture and Landscapes
    If known, year of construction is mentioned. Please use Google Street View to see how the buildings looked before. Please do not repost Images in this Thread!
  10. Citytalk and Urban Issues
    Tower blocks are still in the limelight of newspaper articles, mainly for the stigma which surrounds them as being failures. many tower blocks still exist, the government 80% reduction in carbon emissions is still a requirement (UK), affordable housing is still in demand and reports that we...
  11. General Iran
    some of tabriz's pedestrian alleys tarbiat needs huge renovations for its buildings, it has beautiful trees though, gorjiler also needs alot of renos maybe im too "khosh pendaar" but u know, i think most of us expect stuff like this strasbourg germany...
  12. Tallinn
    Thread for renovation & refurbishment projects of both historic & modern buildings in Tallinn. _______________________________ Tallinna Transpordikooli ühiselamu / Tallinn Transportation School's dormitory. This building is located at Tulika 37,Kristiine. Renovation is almost complete...
  13. North-Central | Северен централен регион
    Тъй като Русе е град с невероятна архитектура има страшно много западнали сгради, които се нуждаят от реставрация. Предлагам тук да бъде темата, в която да се обсъждат всички планирани и течащи реставрации, ремонти по сградите-паметници на културата (а и не само), както и проекти за...
  14. Toronto Developments
    Any update on Eaton Centre Renovation at Queen St? I heard my preferred McDo is gone. Anything else there? Any renovation to the pedestrian bridge over Queen St? Will there still be a food court downstair, as before? (I haven't been downtown for 6 months)
  15. Магілёў
    В 2012 году капитально отремонтируют 66 могилёвских жилых домов Наиболее масштабные работы развернутся на улицах Космонавтов, Островского и Якубовского. Как пишет сайт радио «Могилёв», капитальный ремонт охватит в этом году 66 могилёвских жилых домов (перечень). Как отметила начальник отдела...
  16. Mostaganem
    Le Lycée Zerrouki (ex René Basset) se compose de deux partie, la plus ancienne fut construite au 19eme siècle (1861) La nouvelle partie construite en 1886 est la plus grande source: Le Soir d'Algérie La rénovation du lycée Zerrouki Cheikh Ibn Eddine a était dotée d'une enveloppe de 10...
  17. Bosna i Hercegovina
    Pozdrav, u ovoj temi se bavimo primjedbama i prijedlozima kako poboljsati stanje u Bosni i Hercegovini bilo na kulturnom, ekonomsko, infrastukturnom, turistickom ili nekom drugom polju. Navescu jedan primjer da je gradska sluzba grada BL nasom inicijativom danas krenula u kosenje trave(koja je...
1-19 of 32 Results