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  1. Republic of the Congo
    Hotels in Congo and all related topics
  2. The Urban Tourist and Much More
    Resorts And Hotels Around The World
  3. Calicut
    :cheers: This thread is to showcase the hotels, restaurants and resorts in Calicut. :cheers:
  4. Kochi
    The city of Kochi (Cochin) and its neighbouring areas hosts some of Nation's best hotels and resorts. This thread is to explore the great hospitality world of Kochi.
  5. Karnataka
    Lets post in here the latest developments in the tourism industry. :) Apart from the updates one can post here the snaps of various tourist spots across cities and towns of Karnataka. This thread can be an informative piece to the tourists. :)
  6. The Urban Tourist and Much More
    Amari Coral Beach Resort (Thailand) Lobby reception area A Superior room A Deluxe room A luxurious Suite Guestroom balconies offer breathtaking ocean views The swimming pool near Rim Talay Restaurant The swimming pool near La Gritta Italian Restaurant La Gritta Italian...
  7. Photography and Videos
    Guys, let's post only quality pictures, not any image that features a beach and a hotel. Elenite Resort: Duni Resort: Sveti Vlas: I am not sure where exactly this on the Bulgarian coast is: More of Duni:
  8. Portugal | Projectos
    Ponderei bastante se devia ou não fazer este thread. Eu sou uma pessoa livre. Pensando, para a minha idade e formação, sou uma das pessoas mais livres que conheço, pese embora o banco… Devo-o primeiro ao meu pai que me criou livre e me proporcionou uma educação aberta, de forma a que eu formasse...
  9. Economy and Tourism
    I finally decided to start a thread devoted to the construction boom on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. It has its pros and cons and is highly controversial. Please post images, renderings of future developments, news or anything that might be appropriate. By the way, let's stay away from...
  10. Portugal | Imagens
    Caros: Já há algum tempo que sigo o vosso fórum que penso ser interessante na divulgação de cidades sítios e obras. Parabéns pela vossa capacidade de mobilização e divulgação. Proponho um novo tema – piscinas ao ar livre e resorts turísticos: Portugal e Europa. Necessito de algumas instruções...
  11. Cities, Places, Travel and Geography
    Philippine Vacation Destinations Let us share where, what, and why we would like to visit these places. Here are my list: Tokyo- I would love to see all their latest technology and the lights at shibuya China- would like to see Shanghai and the Great Wall of China and let me include Hongkong...
  12. Images Gallery
    Tourism has a lot of potential in India and hotels play an important role in promoting tourism and business. So here's a thread devoted to hotels and resorts of India. A hotel mentioned in this thread doesn't mean a recommendation. copyrights belong to respective photographers. The list so...
1-12 of 16 Results