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  1. Estonia
    EDIT by Tin_Can: Right,this is the place to discuss food business related developments in Estonia. This means bar,restaurant,cafeteria,diner etc architecture & interior design. Do you happen to know anything about Subway coming to Estonia? Do they have any specific plans already or what?
  2. Chennai
    This thread is to spot and review all the restaurants/ Street Food/ Food carts etc in and around Chennai. The address and phone numbers of new, old and upcoming restaurants would be welcome.
  3. Shopping Architecture
    Hello guys, I've noticed there wasn't any topic related to Pizza Hut restaurants and their architecture, despite the brand being in many countries around the world. So, let's share images of Pizza Hut stores here. I am going to add some from Belém, the city where I live, in Brazil.
  4. Calicut
    :cheers: This thread is to showcase the hotels, restaurants and resorts in Calicut. :cheers:
  5. Completed Projects
  6. Kolkata
    Dear Members, Please share information related to hotels and resturant projecs in Kolkata in this thread. Information regarding existing ones as well as ongoing and upcoming projects can be share here.
  7. Newcastle Metro Area
    . There is one 'discrete' area of our City Centre, that I have long felt could well deserve a thread of its own . . . CHINATOWN. OK, some aspects could be covered on the 'retail' or the 'restaurants' threads . . or they may have a "Project Thread" of their own if needed, but I think it is a...
  8. Newcastle Metro Area
    We can use this thread to discuss places to eat in Newcastle (and surrounding area's)- whether its Restaurants or Takeaways. Whether its Italian, Indian, Chinese etc etc
  9. Aguascalientes
    Hola a todos Abro este hilo con la intencion de hacer una especie de guia de la oferta gastronomica de Aguascalientes, detalles a continuacion: 1.- El chiste es hacer la guia lo mas completa posible, inlcuir desde restaurantes de alta cocina hasta puestos de tacos, pasando por merenderos...
  10. Temas Generales
    Tiendas que Planean abrir en Puerto rico: Las tiendas Target: Planean abrir para finales del 2007 Las tiendas Loews Home improvement: Para el 2008 Sonic Hamburguers : finales 2007 abercrombie: Mediados 2007 Tiffany & Company Joyeros: Finales 2007 Victoria Secret: finales 2007 Ashley furniture...
  11. Industries and Sectors
    Here you can post and talk about all the Cafes/Resturants/Bars/Retail stores/Boutiques/Joints/Chains etc. in Pakistan. i'll start the thread off with Lahore. LAHORE Uptown LA in DHA - A bowling alley - A full service restaurant - A banquet hall - Accommodation for out of town visitors - A...
1-11 of 17 Results