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  1. RESTON | Reston Gateway | 420ft | 128m | 35 fl | U/C

    Development News
    Pair of office towers under construction near Reston Town Center, the taller of which might stand as tall as 420 feet. Will house over 1 million sq ft of office space, with the principal tenant being Fannie Mae. When completed, this will be the tallest building in Reston and the second tallest...
  2. RESTON | Halley Rise | U/C

    Development News
    Reston mixed-use development under construction near the future Silver Line metro station. The tallest approved building will be around 300 feet tall. Website Master Plan designed by MVA. Rendering: First building under construction as of January 2020: Rendering of completed building:
  3. WASHINGTON D.C. | Projects & Construction

    City/Metro Compilations
    Washington DC Projects & Construction DC at Dusk by keviikev, on Flickr -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Constitution Square in Washington, DC is a 2.5 million square foot (232,258 sq meter)...