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  1. Northern Ireland
    Proposal of application notice in for the former BHS in Castle Lane Ref LA04/2021/1648/PAN Includes recladding of exterior building, new access point to upper floors, demolition of part of the building over the arcade, amd erection of an oversail section at the junction of castle lane and...
  2. Zona Sur
    Estimados foristas, ya hacía falta un hilo para compartir todo lo relacionado a las cadenas que se emplazan en nuestras regiones. Este hilo es para noticias, proyectos y avances de obras de todo el sector retail, corporativo y hotelero. Todo aporte es agradecido. FUENTE
  3. Birmingham Metro Area
    Just an idea for a thread basically a directory of local independent retailers, restaurants and the regions manufacturers the forum has quite a few members and obviously any support for local businesses during these tough times can go a long way and may open people’s eyes to things still...
  4. Ciudades de Venezuela
    Es bien sabido que este año 2020 ha sido un año épico en todo el país, en todos los ámbitos (pandemia, dolarización, crisis, etc).... sin embargo, hay algo aun más sorprendente es la transformación que la cadena de tiendas por departamento Traki, y también a través de su marca de centros...
  5. Bogotá D.C.
    Hace algunos meses lanzaron el Centro Comercial Spring Plaza en la salida de la calle 80, quisiera saber su opinión:
  6. Skyscrapers
    Dan Gilbert proposes a 734 ft skyscraper for the old Hudson's site. ________ the latest design, 912ft:
  7. New Jersey
    This thread is for Urban Jersey Retail News & Photos. Try not to over spam the thread with to many links...per day.
  8. Shopping Architecture
    Mall of Scandinavia is a reflection of Scandinavia’s beauty and splendour. Pure light and the natural feeling that characterizes the surrounding area are broken down into the four elements – Water, Wind, Fire and Earth. Mall of Scandinavia, with its impressive 120 000 sqm, will be northern...
  9. Southeast Development News
    (Sorry about the confusing title, Kane Realty has a special agreement with the City of Raleigh, which gives them pre-approval for the site within certain guidelines, all they need is a building permit to begin construction.) Source: Kane Realty's 2015 North Hills Outlook Report 100 Plaza is...
  10. Southeast Development News
    A peek at the redesigned 18-story office tower: View from Six Forks Road, southbound towards I-440: View from Six Forks Road, northbound towards I-540: Source: Duda/Paine Architects The tower will be the second high-rise office tower to be completed in the North Hills area, it will be one...
  11. General South Africa
    Bela Mall The 17,500m² Bela Mall is positioned in close proximity to the N1 to Polokwane. This single storey structure is easily accessible from the main arterial routes to Bela Bela. This convenience centre is intended to house a large food anchor, restaurants and a number of local retailers...
  12. Северо-Запад
    Новый торговый центр в Псковской слободе.
  13. Craiova Metro Area
    Retail Map -> View the Map in Google Maps Mall-uri și centre comerciale: Electroputere Parc -Deschis parțial în data de 19 noiembrie 2011, Dezvoltarea se va face în 3 etape. Prima etapă s-a materializat, în primă fază funcționând în centrul comercial hypermarket-ul Auchan și 50 magazine...
  14. Tasmania
    As there are so many retail developments and proposals in Hobart, Launceston and Tasmania's regional cities, I think I'll start a Tas retail thread. Eastlands, Hobart, major expansion submitted to council...
  15. Myanmar • မြန်မာ
    from our neighbouring thread
1-15 of 60 Results