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  1. Southeast Development News
    Big doins in the Big Easy: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Convention Center Development Could be a Riverfront Mini-City
  2. Midwest and Plains
    Hey everyone, Here's the first part of my second day in Detroit during my massive 2013 Summer tour of the Midwest U.S. including Toledo and Chicago. This part of the trip focuses on parts of the East Riverfront and the Dequindre Cut all the way north to one of the great weekend markets and...
  3. Surat
    Tapi Riverfront - Preliminary Concept Plan Surat PROJECT PROFILE Client Surat Municipal Corporation (SMC) Area Total length of river edge approx 45 Km Salient Features Surat is situated on the banks of River Tapi, the river has played a crucial role in its economic growth and...
  4. Midwest and Plains
    I came to the Motor City (again) on July 8-10 to see a concert, take in Detroit festivities, go urban exploring, visit Boston-Edison and Arden Park-East Boston neighborhoods, check out New Center and Midtown, visit the Motown Museum, see a play at an intimate theatre, among other things! Here's...
  5. Minneapolis-Saint Paul
    The Presentations 19058841 19112706 19115761 18935442 For more info:
  6. Northeast and MidAtlantic
    The Riverfront is Wilmington's main historically industrial neighborhood. Access to water in Wilmington fueled several industries, from mills along the Brandywine in other areas of the city to shipbuilding and shipping in the tidal section of the Christina River at the Riverfront. In the late...
  7. Architettura, urbanistica, infrastrutture
    Baltimore, Maryland Inner Harbor _____________________
  8. Bratislava
    [edited by carbonkid] Construction Updates Summary 05.07.2006 (pt82) 16.07.2006 (alien) 16.08.2006 (alien) 11.12.2006 (hidden) 09.02.2007 ( - rare view) 24.02.2007 (hidden) 09.03.2007 (carbonkid) 22.03.2007 (hidden) 12.03.2007 (carbonkid) 16.04.2007 (carbonkid) 07.05.2007...
  9. Northeast and MidAtlantic Development News
    it's about time we started a wilmington thread. thee are plenty of delawareans here that we can keep this alive. here's an article from the news journal concerning a new building going up at the corner of 2nd & king streets. this is a nie looking building, and should make wilmington look a...
1-9 of 9 Results