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  1. Brașov Metro Area
    Feel free to post any news related to: Historical area rehabilitation & new projects Objectives Campaigns that promote tourism in the area or other topics related to tourism in the area
  2. Brașov Metro Area
    by Mircea B -
  3. Brașov Metro Area
    List of shopping centers in Brasov: Shopping Malls Name [Floors] [Total Area (sqm)] [Gross Leasable Area (sqm)] [Investment] [Year] Star [UG+GF+3F] [GLA:15.000] [1975] Eliana Mall [GF+1F] [TA: 17.000] [GLA: 10.000] [2004] Macro Mall [GF+1F] [TA: 11.163] [GLA: 7.506] [2005] [CLOSED 2013]...
  4. Brașov Metro Area
    _________________ New Municipal Stadium | Capacity: 23.000 | Status: Approved | Location __________________ Old Municipal Stadium | Capacity: 30.000 | Status: Under Demolition | Location __________________ Olympic Ice Skating Ring | Capacity: 2.500 | Status: Under Construction |...
  5. Brașov Metro Area
    Public transport in and around Brasov; you can post your ideas regarding the improvement of the public transport services in our city and region.
  6. Brașov Metro Area
    General discussion about the roads in and around the city of Brasov
  7. Brașov Metro Area
    U/C Photo Thread | City Hall | Wikipedia: RO EN | Wikimapia __________________ WORK IN PROGRESS A short presentation movie of Brasov: City Hall of Brasov: City Map...
  8. Photo Corner
    Braşov (Hungarian: Brassó, German: Kronstadt) is a city in Romania, residence of Braşov county. The population of Braşov is 283,901, according to the 2002 census. Founded in the 13th century; Transilvania university with 10,000 students...
1-8 of 9 Results