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    Ultimele zvacniri ale regimului si scumpii ani '90:
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    These pictures are free! Bucharest July-August. Photos taken with Panasonic Lumix FZ7 By null at 2010-08-24 By null at 2010-08-24
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    Thread Rules: -We would like to keep this thread as clean as possible, made only by pictures of modern buildings in Bucharest with the relative information/extras about them -Please stay on topic, otherwise we will ask the moderator to delete your posts. -Personal made pictures are preferred...
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    :cheers: Flickr
  5. Bucharest–Ilfov
    Enough with religious-ideological discussions on Bucharest Projects & Construction thread. Here everybody is welcome to express they're opinion regarding the decision of BOR(Biserica Ortodoxa Romana) to build the new Orthodox Cathedral in the form that was presented, near the Palace of...
  6. Bucharest–Ilfov
    Status of light rail lines Let's start with ... Bucur LF (URAC prototype) "the old fart" looks a bit ... better :) more pics here
  7. Bucharest–Ilfov
    Previous threads: Part I | Part II | Part III | Part IV EE threads: Baneasa | Esplanada | Subway International threads: Dambovita Center | Esplanada | Floreasca City Center | Global Park Floreasca | National Stadium...
  8. Bucharest–Ilfov
    The Romanian Government is planning to revive an old project to make Bucharest a port to the Danube by digging a appprox. 60 km long channel to the Danube and building a port in the S region of Bucharest. The project has already been devised, and the government is preparing the tender for the...
  9. Bucharest–Ilfov
    Previous threads: Part I | Part II | Part III EE threads: Baneasa | Esplanada International threads: Floreasca City Center | Esplanada | New National Stadium ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A. Bucharest Tower Center...
  10. Bucharest–Ilfov
    ESPLANADA CITY CENTER BUCHAREST International section: Highrises Since this will be the best project (highest proposed towers / value approx 1billion Euro ) for Bucharest it deserves a separate thread. Please post any pictures, info, renders etc
  11. Bucharest–Ilfov
    Previous threads: Part I | Part II Other threads: Baneasa | Floreasca City Center ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A. Bucharest Tower Center / 25 floors / Architect: Westfourth / topped out B. Premium Plaza / 15...
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    It was once called ... Little Paris ... Would you like to know why ?!!?
  13. Bucharest–Ilfov
    [Bucharest Part I Link] Other threads: Baneasa, Floreasca City Center ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A. BRD Tower / 19 floors / 87m / 2004 B. Bucharest Tower Center / 22 floors / Architect: Westfourth / under...
  14. Bucharest–Ilfov
    Baneasa City The Baneasa project is one of the largest projects for urban development in Europe. With over 1 million m2 of construction area, used for different purposes, spanning across 221 ha of land, Baneasa will include an open and spacious residential area, a modern business park, and one...
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    some Bucharest pictures found via net from page "flickr"
  16. Bucharest–Ilfov
    AP Bucharest to Spend More Than $1B on Subway
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    Bucharest, Romania G
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    I was born in Bucharest, but I've been living around Chicago for about 15 years.Here are couple of photos of my hometown.Most of the people who come to Romania are extremely surprised, since the media is trying to show only bad things about it just so they can make a buck.Guess what there are...
  19. Bucharest–Ilfov
    well since we have almost no Romanians in here, I thought I could search for a couple of projects from their capital, and they seem to have a lot going on I got the info from Colliers International Central Park Residences and some...
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    The city of BUCHAREST I noticed Romania doesn't get much coverage on, welcome to Bucharest! :)