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  1. Modern Times
    Bażantów is a housing etate in Katowice (Silesian Vovodship). It was build in 2006.
  2. Modern Times
    Spodek is a Sports Hall in Katowice. It was built in 1964. It has got 15 000 seats and it's the biggest hall in Poland
  3. Modern Times
    Main Rail Station in Katowice. Style: Brutalism Built: 1964-1972
  4. Modern Times
    NBP Bank (The National Bank of Poland) in Katowice.
  5. Modern Times
    BRE Bank in Katowice. Built in 2003.
  6. Industrial Ages
    Drapacz Chmur (The skyscraper) is one of the first skyscrapers in Europe and first skyscraper in Poland. It was build in 1931 in Katowice, the richest city in Central Europe (Katowice is a capital of the Upper Silesia Coal Basin). Drapacz Chmur is 65 metres tall. It's one of the best modernism...
1-8 of 8 Results