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  1. Industrial Ages
    It is the youngest castle in Europe, built according to Franz Schwechten's design for the German Emperor Wilhelm II in 1910. After the uprising in the Great Poland region, the castle became nationalized and it functioned thereafter as the Polish president's seat and domicile of Poznań's...
  2. Industrial Ages
    Collegium Minus, the building which is part of Imperial District designed by the outstanding German planner Jeseph Stubben, was built in 1910 for Prussian Royal Academy. Now, there is the administration of the Adam Mickiewicz University.
  3. Industrial Ages
    Opera house came into being in 1910, according to Max Littman's project. It is part of Imperial District in Poznan. Apart from Opera, there is also Great Theatre named after Stanisław Moniuszko.
  4. Imperial Eras
    The baroque foregoing Jesuite college from XVII century. Nowadays there is Poznań City Hall.
  5. Modern Times
    At march 11th there was an opening of second phase of Old Brewery (Stary Borwar). Stary Browar -- a city within a city, combines commerce and art, history and the present, singularity and everyday life. The retail area borders the Courtyard of Art, which hosts events connected with painting...
  6. Imperial Eras
    this is Poznans Townhall!VOTE:)
1-7 of 7 Results