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  1. Nordeste
    Este thread é voltado à postagem de projetos de infraestrutura viária e urbana em andamento ou planejados pelas autoridades municipais, regionais ou estaduais dos seguintes municípios: Itapipoca, Itapajé, Uruburetama, Umirim, Tururu e Miraíma. Municípios vizinhos também podem ser mencionados...
  2. Highways & Autobahns
    Hi guys, I had to create a new one for this topic as the old one had a problem in it somewhere, which I'm trying to sort out. Apologies for this!
  3. United States Urban Issues
    What do you consider the best road in the US? You can use your own parameters: best maintained, best scenery, best driving experience, or whatever. Also, what was the best road you ever drove on?
  4. Albuquerque
    This thread is for Interstates & Roads in Albuquerque...... Approaching the Big I... by Adam Prince, on Flickr The Big "I" at Albuquerque by Mitchell Tillison, on Flickr Interstate 40 by Robert Adams, on Flickr 13-54 Tijeras Canyon New Mexico: I-40 East
  5. General Iran
    post all news about roads, passages, expressways etc from tabriz here golkar bridge and hameed underpass opened the underpass looks great, good materials and great brickwork, good light poles, the overpass.. well the whole concept of an overpass is bad in my opinion very very clean...
  6. Skyscrapers
    . . Roads, Streets, Trails, Airlines, Railways etc . . . Estradas, Ruas, Trilhas, Linhas Aéreas, Ferrovias etc . . . :dance: .
  7. Highways & Autobahns
    A thread about the Central African Republic or CAR. The official license plate code is RCA (République Centrafricaine). CAR has very few paved roads. I made an assessment based on available Google Earth imagery. Route Nationale Paved Road The N1-N3 link to Cameroon is paved and is now the...
  8. Transportation
    Using the search function, I couldn't find a NZ thread/forum to match our Australian chit chats, so thought I'd create a thread. If there is already a thread or sub-forum, then please place the following post in there thanks.
  9. United States Urban Issues
    JULY 2013 ranking list US States really need to do more to improve their main and secondary roads. Many of the roads in US are old and badly in need of repair. One major problem I've noticed is the quality of repair and...
  10. Jamaica
    This thread will focus on news and infrastructure relating to general roads and bridges in Jamaica.
  11. Инфраструктура
    Тема посвящена дорожным развязкам с количеством уровней 2 и более. Сейчас это: - Трёхуровневая развязка на Южной площади - 2.5-уровневая развязка на Большевистской (третий мост) - Множество двухуровневых развязок.
  12. Transport, Urban Planning and Infrastructure
    I am a regular cyclist and I am constantly disappointed by the bitty and second rate provision for cyclists in this country. Particularly in London where we make up around a 1/4 to a 1/2 of peak traffic flows but apparently becuase transport planners count a cycle as 0.2 of a car with a single...
  13. Transportation
    Any interest in a thread around photos and information around abandoned and bypassed sections of old highway? One of my favourite abandoned sections of old road is this bit of former Highway One just west of Orbost, near Simpsons Creek in East Gippsland, Victoria. I call it the "Ghost Railway"...
  14. Highways & Autobahns
    [MO] Roads/Streets in Macau • Auto-Estradas/Rodavarias/Estradas/Avenidas de Macau • ‎澳門道路 Hmm.....afaik, I don't think there is a thread yet for Macau so I guess I'll make one. Oh and if code [MO] has already been taken, then feel free to suggest another one. Thanks. Anyways, here's Macau. It...
  15. Чернівці / Chernivtsi
    На початку місяця написав запит стосовно долі залізниці в обхід Молдови - Чернівці-Хотин-Камянець-Подільський та ділянки Чернівці-ВИжниця. Сьогодні отримав відповідь. Згiдно Вашого запиту служба колiї Львiвської залiзницi повiдомляє наступне : 1. На даний час проектним iнститутом...
  16. Kochi
    This thread is to discuss the developments happening in Kochi's surface transportation infrastructure such as Roads, Flyovers, Highways, Rail-Over Bridges, Grade Separators etc. Its after a long time, Kochi is seeing a massive improvements in roads and bridges developments. Pls post your pics...
  17. Privreda, Infrastruktura i Transport
    Ova tema se odnosi na autoputeve u BiH. This thread is about motorways in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Overview map: Green = In use Yellow = Under construction Red = Financed Orange and Blue = Future plans Trenutno stanje | Current state (December 2012) Izgrađeno i u prometu | Built and in use ~...
1-19 of 69 Results