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  1. Highways & Autobahns
    This is Sydney's newest Motorway which links together the 3 existing motorways that sprawl out into Sydney's western suburbs.
  2. Путеви
    Danas snimljeno, E94 (ili -96, nisam siguran), to jest Beograd-Zagreb autoput: Poprilično dosadno (hvala Bogu!).. Malo smo nepismeni pa ne znamo kako se piše ime grada Bijeljina, a? Naknadno ubačeno "i": ... U principu sam zadovoljan.. veći dio puta je presvučen, sve izgleda lijepo...
  3. Birmingham Metro Area Transport Projects
    This morning I've been reading about the start of the new tunnel in Madrid (7.5 km for local trains) connecting the two main stations Atocha and Chamartin.There is already one tunnel and the new one will run parallel to it.There were complaints about the 500 or so trains that use Atocha daily...
  4. Sweden
    For a look at the current situation of the network as it is today, check this link out: Link to map So, here we go for the new projects... E4 E4 is an "important national route" as it starts in the harbour of Helsingborg and end at the Finnish border in Haparanda, a stretch of 1500...