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  1. Strutture sportive
    Formula E, lo sbarco a Roma Arriva nella capitale il campionato mondiale di FE. Rifatto tutto il manto stradale sul tracciato. La tappa All'Eur il 14 aprile 2018. Il via il 2 dicembre a Hong Kong per concludersi il prossimo 28 luglio 2018 a Montreal, dopo aver attraversato i cinque continenti
  2. Stadiums and Sport Arenas
    New thread and new poll!
  3. Travels Abroad
    This year, I've spent the St. Andrew/1st of December mini-holiday in Rome. While technically it was my second visit to Italy (I've also been to a small town at the border with Switzerland in 2010...), this was the first time in the capital. What I found was the noisiest city I've ever been to...
  4. Ancient Times
  5. Ancient Times
    Castel Sant'Angelo in Rome, Italy:
  6. Progetti in corso
    Dedicato agli scheletri dell'Eur
  7. Public Space
    Hi everybody! :) The purpose of this thread is to showcase some Italian cities which have been going through a redevelopment, in order to favour pedestrians, bicycles and public transport while reducing car usage. Italy has one of the highest car ownership rates in the world. It ranks 5th...
  8. European Classic Architecture and Landscapes
    Rome/Roma, the most beautiful city in Europe...
  9. Fotoforum
    anaglyphen rood/cyan:)
  10. Europe and Africa
    Torre Eurosky Rome, Italy HEIGHT: 155m FLOORS: 38 floors COMPLETION: 2013 ARCHITECT: franco purini This is the first modern building in Rome to break the 100 meter barrier. After being on-hold for some time, construction resumed in 2010
  11. Fotoforum
    Een beeld van Marcus Aurelius op het Piazza del Campidoglio Rome. Ik geloof wel dat dit een kopie is van de Michelangelo.:)
  12. Urban Showcase
    In this thread I want to show about 1400 fotos from my trip to Italy. It was in April 2011. From Moscow to Hannover, transfer and go to the Milan. Hannover skyline «Ганновер, Германия» на Яндекс.Фотках and only sky is under us «Ганновер, Германия» на Яндекс.Фотках Alps «Альпы» на...
  13. Reportage dall'estero e focusbar
    Anaglyphen red/cyan.:banana: Piazza della Minerva. Piazza del Campidoglio. Piazza San Bernardo. Forum Romanum.
  14. Fotoforum
    Colosseum: anaglyph red/cyan. Piazza di San Bernardo. Forum R.omanum. Dit was pas hoogbouw. Forum of Nerva Piazza di Campidiglio
  15. Cityscapes and Skyline Photos
    Welcome to Rome!!! all photos by me
  16. Putovanja
    Rim je glavni i najveci grad Italije, ima oko 2,7 Mio. stanovnika i nalazi se u sredini zemlje. Rim je bio centar rimskog carstva, mozda najpoznatij imperij ovoga svita. Nadimak Rima je "vjecni grad" sta i zasluzuje, vise od 2500 godina je star i svaki covjek ga je cuo barem jedan put ako je...
  17. Bridges
    Rome - Science Bridge Designed by: APsT Cost: 4.161.969 €uros, including VAT. Main contractor: MAEG Costruzioni SpA Built between 2008 and 2012 (works are still in progress) Opening scheduled for March 2012. Span: 120 meters Width: 10 meters The bridge will be pedestrians and...
  18. Fotoforum
    De een na laatste serie van de zomer 2009 bevat wederom een stuk Rome. Alle foto's 03-08-2009. 1. Trappenhuis van Hotel Seiler 2. Via dell'Umiltà 3. Trevifontein 4. 5. Tegenover de Trevifontein staat de fraaie Santi Vincenzo ed Anastasio 6. 7. Colonna di Marco Aurelio 8. Palazzo...
  19. Trasporti urbani e metropolitani
    Metropolitana di Roma Linee C e D © Metro C S.p.A. - Archivi / Past threads ROMA | Metropolitana - Archivio (11/05/2005 - 12/11/2011) - Thread collegati ROMA | Metropolitana: A, B ROMA | Linee FR ROMA | Ferrovie regionali ATAC ROMA | Tram ROMA | Filobus ROMA | Chiusura dell'anello...
1-19 of 78 Results