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    19212 hab.
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    17000 hab.
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    54456 hab.
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    57627 hab.
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    60638 hab.
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    73992 hab.
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    11000 hab. district
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    36830 hab.
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    33328 hab.
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    36092 hab.
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    Only 14015 hab. :lol:
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    Čukarica is an urban neighborhood and one of the 17 municipalities than constitute the City of Belgrade, the capital of Serbia. Municipality has a population of 168,508 (Census 2002), with and estimated 175,057 on 31 December 2005. That makes Čukarica the second most populous municipality of...
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    Novi Beograd or New Belgrade is the most populous municipality that constitutes the City of Belgrade, the capital of Serbia. It is a planned city, built in 1947 on the left bank of the Sava river which was previously an uninhabited area, opposite of the old Belgrade. In recent years it has...
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    Zemun is a historical town and one of the 17 municipalities which constitute the City of Belgrade, the capital of Serbia. For most of its history, it developed separately from Belgrade, which lies across the Sava river, but the development of New Belgrade in the late 20th century joined them...
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    Urban part of the Aerodrom has about 17000 inhabitants.
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    Šabac (Serbian Cyrillic: Шабац) is a city and municipality located in Serbia along the Sava river in the historic region of Mačva. It is the administrative center of the Mačva District of Serbia. The city has a population of 55,163 (2002), while population of the municipality is 122,893. It...
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    Zrenjanin (Serbian Cyrillic: Зрењанин) is a city and a municipality located in Serbia. It is situated in the northern Serbian province of Vojvodina.It is the administrative centre of the Central Banat District of Serbia. In 2002, the city's population was 79,773, while the Zrenjanin municipality...
1-20 of 32 Results