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  1. Completed Projects
    New Roxas Memorial Provincial Hospital (RMPH) Capitol Hills, Lanot, Roxas City
  2. Visayas
    ROXAS | Pueblo de Panay Masterplanned Community[mix|u/c] Roxas City in the Central Philippines ... A city of natural beauty, religious fervor and traditional charm takes a big leap to the future. Taking that same leap in Philippine countryside development are companies known since 1992 in...
  3. Visayas
    Pueblo de Panay is the largest, contiguous, master-planned development among the capital cities and towns of Panay Island. Phase 1 of the development (which is more than 130 hectares) is considered to be at the center of the city, being less than 2,000 meters away from the Roxas City fountain...
1-3 of 4 Results