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  1. SACRAMENTO | Vanir Tower | 122m | 400ft | 26 fl | Pro

    Proposed Highrises
    High-rise planned near Sacramento arena
  2. The End

    Urban Photo Contest
    It's the End of the World! by C.M. Keiner, on Flickr
  3. Winter

    Urban Photo Contest
    Across the Cold River 3 HDR by C.M. Keiner, on Flickr
  4. Sacramento Urban Pleasures

    Urban Showcase
    113 Photos K Street Pyramid Alehouse Federal Court Building 626 I Street building Curtis Park Sacramento Grand Ballroom - 629 J St, - built in 1912 9th & L Street Fred Mayes J Street Clock - manufactured in the early 1900s California State Capitol - Built in 1874 Land Park home...
  5. My City, My Home - Sacramento, California

    Urban Showcase
    I'm starting this thread to showcase my pictures of my city. This will be continually updated. In all honesty, all of these pictures are on my Facebook gallery of the same name, so I thought, why not go international with these and post them all here? So, here goes: dozens of pictures token over...
  6. Colonia del Sacramento de noche

    Zona Centro-Sur
  7. Uruguai | Uruguay

    Além-Fronteiras / Around The World
    O Uruguai (em castelhano: Uruguay, pronunciado: [uɾuˈɣwaj]), é um país localizado na parte sudeste da América do Sul. Sua população é de cerca de 3,5 milhões de habitantes, dos quais 1,8 milhão vivem na capital, Montevidéu, e em sua área metropolitana. Estima-se que entre 88% e 94% da...
  8. SACRAMENTO | Public Transport

    Subways and Urban Transport
    Sacramento light rail Current map 20 year vision map Graph of ridership of US Light rail systems as of 3rd quarter 2007 Siemens Transportation Systems (Older trains) Construcciones y Auxiliar de...
  9. San Francisco & Northern California - Estados Unidos da América

    Além-Fronteiras / Around The World
    Northern California (colloquially known as NorCal; Spanish: Norte de California) is the northern portion of the U.S. state of California. Spanning the state's northernmost 48 counties, its main population centers include the San Francisco Bay Area (anchored by the cities of San Jose, San...
  10. SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA | Public Transport

    Subways and Urban Transport
    san francisco transit in sfo how is the bart rapid transit train system differs from the muni metro train system in terms of trains,fare control,formality and etc bye
  11. Sacramento - USA

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    Sacramento, California City population (2004): 450,000 (96 sq mi) Metro Population (CSA, 2004): 2,100,000 California's fourth largest metropolitan area. First incorporated city in CA, and largest northernmost city in the state. Birthplace of the California Gold Rush when gold was discovered...